10 ways To Generate Real Good Income From Any Website FAST


Do you know that blogs are unique ways of generating real good income for the owners? How fast your blog makes money and whether it makes real good income, depends on what you do on the said blog or website. Following are 10 solid ways to generate real good income from your blog or website.


I must stress this to those Nigerians reading this page …Whatever you do on your website to make money that you can call real good income, will depend on 2 crucial dimensional factors.

  1. How wide did you apply your steps to your pages?
  2. How deep did your efforts go?

Nigerians are always in a haste without taking pains to sit down and commit themselves to what you have in mind to happen. This is a serious matter with especially young Nigerians.

This noted, if you are still with me let’s go!

As we are about to start, know that what we are about to do can only be applied to a blog that has traffic. If your blog has no traffic or not enough of it, then get massive traffic from this information here, before you then come back.

First- Put Adverts On Your Blog:

Your own advert first, can be used to test the ground so you can determine what works. You can then sell those same spaces for other marketers or advertisers whose offers are similar or related to yours.

Second- Sell An e-Book:

Sell your own e-book on the blog, or you sell another authors e-book on your blog. This can make for you real good income monthly.

Third- Pay Per Lead.

This program gives a blog owner access to refer his blog visitors to an offer which may be of interest to them, and when they click to the offer and make a purchase, the blogger makes a commission as set out on the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Fourth- Affiliate Income

When you have a reasonable traffic on your blog, whether you have developed your own product or not, you can sign up for an affiliate product on sites like www.clickbank.com, www.paydotcom.com, www.informat.com etc. and get a link to place on your blog. If some visitors clicks from your blog to such and offer and buys, you are paid a commission.

Fifth- Make Money from www.BlogBurner.com

Making money from this method involves registering your blog with www.BlogBurner.com as well as Google AdSense. From time to time you login and write good contents on that site as often as you can. When they publish these contents and display ads thereon, you make 50% of the sales that arise there from.

Sixth- Renting Out Or Selling Internal Pages.

A high traffic blog can rent some internal pages for other bloggers who can publish contents with adverts and pay for such services.

Seventh – Sell Membership Access

Create some powerful pages with highly sensitive and revealing contents, then you password protect such pages and grant access to only paid members. This makes revenue for you the blog owner or promoter.

Eight – Pay Me To Post About You.

In this means of making real good income from your blog. You can invite product developers to pay you to write about them and their products. You can negotiate with them and show evidence that it works and there to get paid for it.

Ninth – invite Entrepreneurs to Sponsor an Event or a Launch on Your Page.

You can invite advertisers, entrepreneurs, launchers, promoters etc. to pay for a page and carry out their launch or promotion to your visitors and pay you for it.

Finally Tenth- Sell Your Blog Out.

If you are able to set up a blog or blogs, I mean small blogs say 10 of them. You then begin to apply special powerful traffic techniques to drive targeted organic traffic toit under say 90days. You can spend like $100 to achieve and you can sell such blogs one after the other for as much as $1000 each.

In Conclusion

Do you have a blog? Do you know how to drive traffic to your blog so as to qualify it to make you money? Then apply the above described 10 techniques to enable you make real good income from your work and you will smile to your bank on regular basis.

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