5 Micro Job Websites For Writers To Find Work And Be Paid

  1. Buy Keyword Articles BKA

Writing at Buy Keyword Articles. If you can find time to create 5 articles a week then you can pick up a job with BKA. You will be required to write keyword specific articles for your assignment. You’ll need to pass a test, a simple one to quality.

  1. Great Content

Write a 500 Word Article for $30 + Each. If you are interested in making $30 and sometimes more per article then you need to visit Great Content when you register you will be required to write and submit a 200 t0 300 word blog post sample before (if you qualify) you are signed on.

  1. Make $ 0.05 A Word At Text Broker

Once you are willing to take a test of writing a sample job and wait for a week to be graded) then if you succeed text broker will pay your $25 per 500 word article.

  1. Hire Writers. Earn $20 an article at Hire Writers. If you don’t mind collecting  your payments every Friday, then you can write and be paid some $20 a blog post. If you can write 2 articles a day you make $40  and if you can finish 20 a month, that’ll be good $400 a month.
  1.  Ifreelance

Write at ifreelance.com and get paid. Register at Ifreelance, post your profile and bid for available writing jobs. Once your offer is accepted you’re given a job and on completion you get paid.

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  1. Hoyes

    Maybe you guys don’t even know that most of your listed sites are not for Nigerians

  2. Hoyes

    It is advisable that you guys need to make adequate research before you post sites for people (Nigerians) to be visiting


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