5 Micro Job Websites For Writers To Find Work And Be Paid

  1. Buy Keyword Articles BKA

Writing at Buy Keyword Articles. If you can find time to create 5 articles a week then you can pick up a job with BKA. You will be required to write keyword specific articles for your assignment. You’ll need to pass a test, a simple one to quality.

  1. Great Content

Write a 500 Word Article for $30 + Each. If you are interested in making $30 and sometimes more per article then you need to visit Great Content when you register you will be required to write and submit a 200 t0 300 word blog post sample before (if you qualify) you are signed on.

  1. Make $ 0.05 A Word At Text Broker

Once you are willing to take a test of writing a sample job and wait for a week to be graded) then if you succeed text broker will pay your $25 per 500 word article.

  1. Hire Writers. Earn $20 an article at Hire Writers. If you don’t mind collecting  your payments every Friday, then you can write and be paid some $20 a blog post. If you can write 2 articles a day you make $40  and if you can finish 20 a month, that’ll be good $400 a month.
  1.  Ifreelance

Write at ifreelance.com and get paid. Register at Ifreelance, post your profile and bid for available writing jobs. Once your offer is accepted you’re given a job and on completion you get paid.

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