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My name is NdukeAbasi NdukeAbasi. You can also call me Ndah Ekanem. I am an architect and a building consultant by my original field of study.. I am as well an online property consultant, building online real estates like niche blogs, micro niche blogs, websites, forums, social media pages as well as business pages for myself, individuals as well as organizations.

As a man of God,I work for HIM mainly, my governments, my fans, myself and YOU, my site visitor.

My functions online incorporate an author, a writer and a publisher. I also specialize in web graphics and designs. I publish keyword rich search engine optimized web contents.

I create contents for search engine organic traffic, building loyal fans and client bases…creating and building from scratch, profitable online income portals and real income machines.

In Summary I am:

  • Professional Blogger,
  • Digital Marketing Professional.
  • Social Media Management. / Marketing Expert.
  • Information Products Marketer.
  • Graphic & Design Expert.
  • Virtual Assistant PRO.

All My Sites:

  • Apply principally laser edged strategies to create profitable online businesses. I show you how to do the same.
  • Create and sell high in demand products and services and also show you how to do same.
  • My services create traffic pulling guest posting and comments on bogs, forums, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube,  Instagram, and other social media platforms.

As an online author and web content creator, I am an expert graphic designer 2D & 3D. and a lots more…

A major part of my mission online as a  web expert is to build online real estates, that can yield for me and for their owners

6 – 7 figure full-time online income for years to come, irrespective of the economy.


Digital Media 3D Centre, Owners  of w w w .onlinebusinessideasng . c o m with social media presence namely: 

https://web.facebook.com/NdukeAbasiPRO – High Impact Digital Marketing Programs 

Was set up primarily to establish its vision and mission online namely:

  • Show how to conceive a genuinely profitable online business idea, set it up and successfully operate same from the comfort of your own home (although you can have a have a small office). making for yourself an enhanced income into your bank.
  • Show Nigerians genuine online business ideas they can start now!
  • Reveal to Nigerians how they can set up such online businesses with minimum upfront investment.
  • Help Nigerians start and run such online businesses within the comfort of their own homes.
  • Expose Nigerians to the only 3 things one of which one must do which will bring them all the money they hope to make.
  • Disclose to all those who want to learn from me how they can get eager customers who will come cash in hand to patronize them.
  • Make clear to them how they will make their money from both local or foreign customers without leaving their homes.
  • Part of what I will teach will be how I am making part time (i.e. extra) income for those who may be workers in government.
  • This site will also reveal as much as possible some certain strategies for fulltime income for stay at home mums, and complete unemployed graduates, and all.
  • Courses and training will be run on how multiple streams of online income businesses are run on auto pilot.

 Do visit this blog again and again and you will be glad you did.


Pastor NdukeAbasi NdukeAbasi.

President / CEO

Digital Media 3D Centre



E-MAIL:   digitalmedia555@gmail . com;

PHONE:  +234 816 151 7039  or  +234 813 315  8191.


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