Best Online Business Idea – How to Make N20, 000 A Day in Nigeria Under 3 Hours of Work – Without Spending Any Money


To make N20,000 online in one day in Nigeria may sound very questionable here to believe. This must be the best online business idea I know. What type of online business idea can bring this type of income in Nigeria these days, you may ask? Is it football bating, information marketing, is it blogging or what…? Well calm down, it is a highly profitable online business. The name is “make money from Google trends” I guess you have heard about this a couple of times before. Yes, No, Ok

Do You Really Mean With Only 3hrs Of Your Time?

Yes you heard me right! Only 3hrs of work or less will be needed for this very best online business idea to bring this fabulous income to your bank account. Yes this can happen while you sleep the rest of the day or watch your favorite on TV.

Since you have the patience to read this post till this point, without feeling that I am wasting your precious time, or that am a scam artist or even 419, then please continue to exercise that patience and come with me. It means you really want to see how these claims work. You want to see how this so called “best online business idea” can bring you so much money with little work. So come along.

So Much As N20, 000 In 3 Hours Of Work?

Yes, I mean no office, no staff, no inventory, no stock whatever, no work of any sort…Except probably the one article of at most 500 words that you can write and type out. If you are still there let’s dig on.

Step I – The Subject, Title Or Niche.

Choose your ‘niche’ yes you heard me right, before you can make money online in any form you need to set your NICHE. It means the people you want to be making your money from, who will pay you for your product or service. This is what takes you to

My best online business idea requires that goggle tells me something or an issue that is being sought for so widely all over Nigeria right at this moment.

Go and start your computer now, go online and go to your search field and type Trends/ Nigeria, press your enter button and sit back and wait for the result. Within 3 seconds you will see displayed by your search results pages, information,  containing different trends.

There will be trends for the past one year; past one month etc. There will be records for today also. All of them will be capable of making real cash that depicts best online business idea. What does this mean? This means several thousands of organic searches for these terms are currently going on.

So what can you a marketer do? Simple write one on one of this data that you can write properly on and set aside. It can be something SamsungTablets, LCD Television, Army Recruitment, Cure for diabetes, Natural cure for infertility etc.

Find an easy – to – come- by solution to any of these searchers and you are on your way being in real cash within hours. But hear me out here…from my search that I conduct, I have found the following. 1st – football results, 2nd recruitment, 3rd movies and 4thnatural cure for infertility  use a long tail keyword or an exact phrase.

Step 2:

Create a product or find an affiliate product from anywhere, in Nigeria or abroad,  select a product and register as an affiliate.


Write A 500 – Word Article On Your Product Or Service

Write a search engine friendly 500 word recommendation to purchase your product. Put the link on the middle and last quarter of the page in to  click back to the affiliate site or page where the searcher will most likely  buy.

Step 4:

Set Up A Blog- Free Blog At Blogger.

This has be so because I said in my title it will be done without spending any money. Go ahead and post your article on your blog. You can write and post one more or 2 after posting the first.

Step 5:

Sign Up With You Affiliate. Do so quickly and download the text or banner link within 15 minutes.

Step 6:

Make Your Sales Now? If your affiliate product offer is N5,000 and 100,000 people are searching for same product on goggle there will absolutely be no reason you will not be able to make out 4 sales from your blog. This will make you N20,000 under just 3hrs of work.

Step 7:

How much will this best online business idea fetch you in a month

If your trendy product remains there for one month you are likely to make N20,000 x 26 (counting only working days) well over N520,000 that month.


Where can you see this type of business? That is why it is best online business ideas? If I were you, I should take pains to learn this idea for the only reason this business will fail is if there is something you are not doing right.

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