Building Your Mailing List – Discover The Hidden Strategies Of E-mail Marketing Using A List

The “Opt In List” is the undiscovered gold mine of internet marketing of our time. And building your e-mail list is the starting point that can cause this to happen so, the more the list you build the better it will be for your marketing effort.

The most important reason for collecting e-mail addresses of your site visitors is so you can use this medium to establish an electronic permission – based relationship with them…or so the gurus say.

You will use this to connect more site visitors to prospects and prospects to paying customers. E-Mail may be common and worldwide; but it is a powerful weapon for making real cash online.

Whether it is an e-book that you use to bribe them or software, once they drop their first name and e-mail, and maybe you got it through double opt in, you know they have left you with an official written permission to contact them when you have any other offer. This is just the truth.

How Then Do You Go About It?

The first thing you need to do is to sign up for an auto responder service. You sign up and store e-mail address; your webhost should have this but don’t go for that.There will be much better offer from an online e-mail service provider, so sign up for one.

We have, mail chimp . com etc. sign up for any of these.

Most Compelling opt-In-offers

  1. A free news letter
  2. A free e-book
  3. A free Article
  4. Free Reports
  5. Free Software,
  6. Free e – Courses

How To Apply One Single Marketing Tool To Explode Your List.

If you want to win the opt-in-battle hands down, use “Poop Up Ads”, This works like magic- Hands Down.

Here they are:

  1. Special offer pop – ups
  2. Free information pop – ups
  3. Contest pop – ups
  4. Survey/ pop – ups
  5. Entry- pop – ups
  6. Exit- pop – ups
  7. Delayed Timer pop – ups


List Building Best Practices

What I have stated above are capable of bringing out money from your list. But in case you discover that what you do does not bring out the result you needed, (or say you expected), what would you do? Good question.

What you do when that happens is for you to discover the fastest and easiest way to make money from your list. Do this and money will come. Teach this and money will come, recommend this and money will come.


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