Freelance Micro Job Sites For Professionals Seeking Good Income

  1. Work At Freelancer If You Like Freelance Jobs.

Visit the site, fill out your profile and enter client contests. If you scale though you get the job. There are enough projects posted on this site for all writers.

  1. Work At People Per Hour Website.

Register on this site, state the services you offer, and clients will contact you. You will be paid per hour of work you put in a task. No cheating. You will take on as many and as few assignments as you can carry.

  1. Take On Extra Income Opportunities At Guru.

Get on and bid on projects that fall within your field. From time to time you’ll receive alerts of jobs given to you. At Guru, you have access to limitless extra income opportunities.

  1. Are You An Expert? Register At Upwork.

If you are an expert and you desire extra income, then wait for jobs to be awarded to you. At Upwork there are millions of well paying projects from ready-to-pay clients for experts on that website. There is no marginalization.

  1. Make A Full-Time Income At Odesk.

At there are thousands of clients flocking the site on a daily basis seeking for the services of freelancers. You need to register and create a well optimized profile and soon you’ll begin to see jobs sent to your inbox. Work as hard as you can, as well as you can and above all as fast you can, and you will be promptly paid.

  1. Make $5 A Job At

If you have any skill that is of value, digital or physical, you’ll find a client on Fiverr. From creating a white board animation to painting a caricature picture or indeed anything, you’ll find paying clients at Fiverr. Register a free account, create your gig, put up a proposal (and start to receive orders. Complete your tasks and get paid.


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