How To Become A Reseller Web Host Selling Hosting Plans To Upcoming Bloggers

A reseller web host selling hosting plans is an online business that only a few understand.

This is a special form of affiliate marketing, where you can build a blog and or a Facebook presence for attracting prospects, who are interested in starting websites.

As you know, ownership of a website involves two major parts namely:

  1. Web Design Services
  2. Web Hosting Services

So you can offer these 2 services as reseller to your page followers who are interested in your offer.

All you need here is to feed your page followers with vital tips and the mouth-watering advantages that go with owning a website of your own. Prospects that click and land on your sales page will be easily made to purchase these services. This is not hard at all.

When this goes through and works well, a package that costs $180 with affiliate commission of 50% will have cool $90 paid to you every year. Fifty of such sales will bring you $2000 annually without any work. Not a bad deal you can see.


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