How To Become A Successful Professional Freelancer

Whenever you come across any successful professional freelancer, you’ll be struck by how different he is. The very nature of the freelance lifestyle suggests that for you to become successful professional freelancer, you must be an independent thinker, a creative personality who on his own has, decided that the nine-to-five working-for-somebody-else full-time employment model is not for him.

Typically, though, these are the predominant personality traits and abilities you’ll be likely to find in a successful freelancer:

Yet, such a person desiring to become a successful freelancer, must be an ambitious person, he must have an aptitude for problem solving, must be courageous and must have a mature outlook.

He must possess high level of communication skills, a strong work ethic,  

a professional and perfectionism attitude and must have self-confidence.

When weighing up your own compatibility with such a work choice, it’s important to consider these traits. You’ll of necessity need to possess more than a few of these qualities, i.e.  if you don’t have all of them.

In real-life terms, this means that to be a successful freelancer, you should be able to find resonance in many of the following characteristics.

Being organized includes keeping the workspace tidy and planning ahead, form short-term and long-term plans, preferably in detailed form on paper.

You should understand that there will be times you will need to remain calm and be able to work through issues in times of stress, handle high level of responsibilities, understand that research goes beyond a two-minute Google search, while paying attention to and appreciating the role of financial planning.

Furthermore, you’ll need to understand budgeting with reference to planning ahead, not spending every cent as it comes into your pocket.

Consider freelancing because you believe you can be successful, not just to escape your current job, also learn and understand the selling process.

You’ll get to appreciate that education is a continual process, not a once-off effort to gain a qualification.

Value your health, exercise and get regular checkups, plan towards gaining a work–life balance, and not work round the clock.

You should also realize that customer service is about empathy and understanding, not just saying sorry after the wrong act.

If you don’t tick all of the boxes, it doesn’t mean you won’t be a great freelancer. Nor will it guarantee your immediate freelance success to claim that each point fits you like a glove.

However, if these points do ring a bell with you to some degree, you’ll be in excellent shape to work your way to a great freelance career.

When looking at the areas of skills and the personality traits above, you may of a truth, begin to feel a twinge of self-doubt. That’s absolutely normal and healthy.

To reiterate: a successful freelancer is one who plans and understands that the role is varied, who acknowledges his or her limitations, and who realizes there’s far more to the role than writing code or creating designs. If these desirable attributes haven’t scared you off completely, you’re probably an ideal candidate for the freelance life.

So, are you currently a freelancer looking to become successful, or do you feel you’re by the above qualities already qualified to start freelancing, then go ahead and put the necessary structures in place then start making contacts for job from freelancing site to freelancing site.

So if you’re serious about what you’ve started, success is closer than you think.

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