How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Online Business Idea

This post will teach how to choose a domain name i.e. coming up with a great domain name for your online business.Your choice should be a good one that can help you build a brand that will stick in your customer’s memory.Experience shows that this can be one of the most challenging aspects of starting an online business.

In this post you will come to learn some of the new unique domain extensions that have come on board since the 4 below.


Why Are Domain Names Important?

The answer here is simple. They represent the first and the last information in any online business that a prospect will need to be able to contact you.

A good domain can make, while a bad domain can mar your online business efforts. There are over 10 domain generators that can help you discover your next business name on the web. I don’t need to list them here.

3 Points to Note When Choosing Domains

  1. Keep your domain always simple andshort. One, two or three words at most.

Your domain should be easy to pronounce and remember.

Don’t choose a name too close to another company’s name. This can bring a problem.

Be creative. Best domains are single words, but most of such have all been snapped up. But you can use something like or others like and can all work well.

Country specific domains can work as well e.g. .ng, .ca,, .eu, .it, .me etc.

Premium Domains

You can adopt these premium domain extensions for your use as they are relatively new. Their prices range between $20-$50, pricy really.

.bargains                                         .expert

.bid                                                  .coffee

.camera                                      . equipment

.christmas                                       .guitars

.computer                                       .kitchen

.shoes                                               .toys

.trade                                                .sexy

.training                                           .repair

Best Practices

Use your keywords in your domains if you can. These are best keywords people will use for possibly finding you or your products online.

You Can Make It Local

I can easily call my business or Don’t Use Numbers,

Don’t bring numbers in your domains, except something like

Make your Domain Memorable

Something that can easily stick in any memory can roll. Stay away from complicated domains like These will riot in your site visitors’ minds.

Quick Tips

Guard yourself by purchasing all various domain extensions or misspelled versions of your domain. This will protect you from your competitors.


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