How To Choose A Hot Niche For Your Online Business

download (19)Whether it is an online, or a brick and mortar business, you need to choose a hot niche if you want quick and easy success in your online business.

What then is the meaning of the word “niche”? Also what is a “hot niche”? Niche means a pool of online audience to whom your activities online is directly or indirectly targeting.

Among the small or rather large crowd you, will have those who will be, visiting your site, downloading your free offers, signing up for your newsletters, paying for your products as well as requesting for your services.

Anybody outside this group is in a related niche or in a strictly different niche from your own. So before you can choose a hot niche to focus on, see the list below;

Examples of Niches:

  1. Prospective Nigerians who desire “Online Business Ideas”.
  2. Nigerians who want to solve a problem or two, in their online businesses.Young ladies who want to burn embarrassing body fat.
  3. Young Nigerians who are desperate to have their relationships sound and safe.
  4. Nigerian men and women in their advanced ages down with diabetes or cancer, desiring to get back in top form.
  5. Nigerian men and women in their advanced ages who want to continue making better love, through dealing with their organ disabilities.Young men and women who want to “catch” and “keep” the opposite sex.


So Which Are Hot Niches?

Which niches are “hot” and which ones are not? A niche is hot when it is filled with eager cash in hand buyers waiting to hand you their cash in exchange for your products or services.

They are not limited to the list above. Nigerians that need loans to start a business, young graduates that need jobs are desperate, young couples that are desperate for baby boys all will crowd around you anywhere you offer honest information to help them online.

But Which Are “Cold” Niches.

Thank you for the question; set up a site that will offer degree courses for Nigerian transporters and you have a loser. This is an example of a “cold” niche. Promote this business from January till December using best SEO techniques, you won’t make a dime.

Venturing into any niche that have very few prospects, if any, will hand you frustration.

Promote online business ideas to school certificate holders in Nigeria for years, you’ll only have your kids sent home from school for unpaid school fee. The more you try to woo them the more they ignore you.

But promote this same offer to unemployed graduates, just for a few months and you will definitely smile to you bank.

Create a website to find jobs for the same group, your bank account will again rock. Yes you heard me right

How Then Can You Make The Choice?

First- Consider your competition, for example type the phrase “make money online’ in search field, press enter key and you have over 4million results displayed. This means well over 4million pages are making money with that key phrase alone.

What does this mean? Stiff competition! To beat 3,990m pages is not a joke. This is why we have to concentrate on yet narrower niches such as; instead of “make money online” you can target make money online without spending.

Type the text “make money online without spending” into search field, you will get something like 4000 pages displayed. Here the competition is less but your audience is more targeted.

It is now easier to work with this fewer audience. For them your competing sites are grossly reduced. So it will be a bit easy to come to page 1 of search results pages (SRPs).

Long Tail Key Words Vs Generic Terms


Terms like loans, insurance, vacancies, diabetes, cancer, sex, beauty, etc. are all generic terms and, (God save my soul) can be tough if not impossible to make a dime from despite your efforts. You will work your fingers to the bones and you won’t be able to afford megabytes to go online, let alone change clothes.

So as already described above, loans can be: “low interest loans for poultry” insurance can be: car insurance for college students”, vacancies can be “job vacancies in oil companies”, and the rest.

Search for long tailkey phrases as shown above and you will find it relatively easier to rank well for your chosen key words.

To uncover hot niches using the internet require a good (or let’s say) a fair knowledge of keyword research. Read about it in the post titledkeyword research guide. But before that, read how to choose a domain here in this next post.


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