How To Choose A Product That Will Make You A Decent Online Income


Choosing your online business idea product that will make you a decent online income is both an art and a science.This post will show you how to choose a product for your new online business.

You need to master the science which means following all the detailed guide as I will lay out below. And also master the art of knowing what your prospects will want to part with their money for, before promoting anything online.

The above may sound difficult but it is actually very easy. You need to know exactly what you are doing in choosing a product for your endeavor so that even if you decide to sign up for other programs, your effort and hard earned cash might not go down the drain.

So can we go now? Okay.

Product Areas To Choose From.

The following four areas are (in my opinion) the hottest product areas where money can easily be made right now in Nigeria.

  1. The ever hungry market that is filled by people who want to make money on the internet.
  2. The cash-in-hand global market of men, women, boys and girls who want to solve their health and fitness problems.
  3. The ever desperate under-50 beauty conscious ladies who want to present their faces and bodies as “living sacrifices” to their loved ones around the globe.
  4. The fourth group are the ever swelling and desperate crowd who want to continue making love happily irrespective of their ages, be they male or female, young or old.

That’s it! If you can successfully choose a product in any of these niches, broad niche, or micro niche, you are on your way to making a kill with such a choice of product. These people are always there to give you money year-in-year-out.

Affiliate Platforms To Go To

Such major affiliate networks that are worth going to sign up with are:

  • ClickBank
  • Amazon
  • Commission junction.

What to Look Out For In a Product

As you are about looking out for a product, note that you need to learn more about the actual signing up for a product in this post here

To ensure success let’s have a look at what you should be looking for in any product (as stated before) in any of the four broad niches above.

Appreciable Level Of Demand

In this regard you should ask and answer the following questions.

  1. Does the product have appreciable demand or demanded by a few.
  2. Will the demand have extended duration or short lived.
  3. How many marketers just like you are promoting it. (Click bank calls this gravity).
  4. Amazon will show high demand products based on the number of reviewers.
  5. Is your product a high performer? You will know this from reviews.
  6. Type the product in the Google Keyword Tool External and you will see the number of searches per month
  7. Check also for the Average Cost Per click, the figure will show from $1up as an excellent product.
  8. What about the amount of commission you will be making? Too small like 30% is not good enough; 50% okay, 70% is better.
  9. Check the sales page. Agood sales page will convert well, also a good landing page is a plus.

How to Make For Yourself a Decent Online Income.

Take for instance you have chosen a product that will pay you $40 per sale. Given that the product has been, and will continue to enjoy massive demand for years; and the sales page converts well, check this out.

If you sell 5 units a week through your link you make good $200 that week. If you can get 10 sales you make $400. In a month you will easily make $1600 that’s about N 450 000 as at when I am writing this.

It matters a lot the product you choose and how well you do your homework. Form the data above even a $20 commission product will give you well N 200 000 every single month. Yes this is possible. It matters the nature of traffic you are driving to your offer. Now after selecting your online business idea product, let’s go ahead to consider how to choose a web host in this next post.


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