How To Create A Free Report And Make Money With It Online  

Create a free a report is a common practice for drawing attention to affiliate products that you want to promote. You come up with a free report in a niche or topic that people want to read; and which you can easily disseminate to large groups of people.

Here are some tips to help you in creating a free report that will capture the interest of people searching online.

Take pains to get ideas on how to entice readers to click on links within the body of the free report as well as ads that reside on the pages of the report.

One of the first steps you need to take is determining the content of your free report. To a great extent, this will be governed by the affiliate product you want to spotlight; either within the body of the report or in the ads therein.

At the same time, you want the subject matter to be focused enough that an informative article can result, without being too vague.

As an example, instead of writing a general article about resource management, you may want to go with a narrower topic, such as “Seven Effective Tricks to Deal with Habitually Waste of Computer Printing Resources.”

In focusing in on this one aspect of resource management, you help yourself in two ways. Firstly, you have picked a topic that will easily find its way into search engines. Second, you have laid a foundation for a whole series of free reports that can focus on other aspects of effective resurce management.

Keep in mind with your content that people love to read stories, but that doesn’t mean you have to write full stories with each point you make. Just use quick illustrations that make your points and still play like a story in the mind of your reader.

This will motivate your reader to keep going, so they can see what mini-story you will present with the next point.

Such a focused topic will provide you with the ability to include links and ads that will be relevant to anyone that is interested in effective management of office resources. There’s great need in placing the links so they make sense in the course of the text.

Your money from the free report is going to come from people clicking through the links to either merchant sites or ads and in some cases buying a product.

If the link is positioned properly within the text, it will seem almost natural to click on the link and investigate what is on the other side.

Circulating your free report on classified ad sites that allow you to post for free, is the easiest route to take. Or it can be as easy as putting a link to it in your signature and posting on forums.

If you use the classified ads sites that actually receive a lot of traffic; you can easily set up a process for people to either click over to your free report on a web page or receive the free report by email. Bear in mind that free web pages that will allow for the inclusion of ads on the page as well as links in the text are available.

If you can’t afford setting up your own web site or blog for this sort of thing at first, you can begin to generate some income and eventually move the free report over to your own site in future.

Placing your free report online, advertising it at online classified web sites and also making sure it gets massive amounts of exposure on forums and places well in search engines will make all the difference in the world as to how much success you will achieve with the free report method.

Let’s work the math, free reports can be just about 20 to 40 pages. One can be completed in a fortnight. That means 2 can be completed in a month. So, within a time frame of one year, you can have out as many as 24 of such powerful marketing tools. What does this imply?

This is it!

Even if only 10 of your reports make money…say $100 each a week. This means good $1000 a week, which amounts to $4000 a month.

Keep in mind that your free e-books will keep making money for you non-stop for years to come. So why not try one out today and see what type of revenue you can generate over the next few months?


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