How To Create A Micro Job Gig On Fiverr

Fiverr states it clearly, that to create a micro job gig on Fiverr, is an opportunity to show off your talent and provide buyers with all necessary information to help them decide to do their business with you.

Now that you have created your profile, you now need to create your gig. So come with me.

Step I – Overview

Login to your profile, place your mouse over your username and check: selling, creating start selling. Fill out your seller profile and go ahead to create your gig.

YOUR GIG TITLE will be up to 80 characters, short and clear to point, state your CATEGORY and SUB-CATEGORY. Your SERVICE TYPE should be optimized enough to help you appear on search results in the category you selected.

In the GIG META DATA select your relevant criteria. (only available to certain categories).

In the TAGS field you’ll need to type a minimum of three or phrases which will describe your services.

Then Save And Continue.

Step II – Scope & Pricing

Here you’ll name your package. Describe the details of your offering here.

State your delivery time – Days it will take to complete your job. Some jobs take 6, 12 or 24 hours while others take days.

You will need to state all the various items you’ll like to offer along your gig e.g. SEO Articles, Blog Comments, Testimonials, Press Release etc. Include your source file also. State your prices $5- $995.

You can choose to create 3 packages and set different prices for them.

For Gig Extras, (if you choose this). Add Gig Extras, Title, Description, Amount, Time Duration it will take to complete your gig extra.

Extra Fast Services charge higher and take shorter completion time than others.

Shipping And Handling.

If you offer a product, you should include shipping fees to the specific country and to other locations.

Click Save & Continue.

Step III – Description & FAQ

Take up to 1,200 characters and describe your services here so your buyers will be able to understand you in full detail state your most commonly asked questions and their answers here state your expected answers for clarity.

Step – IV-Requirements

State clearly here to your buyers what you will need from them before you start the service e.g. key words, basic colors etc. It can be free text, multiple answers or attached file. State clearly, if your requirements are mandatory check this box.

Step V – Gallery

Gig Photos. Browse and click an image. You can upload a photo or at least 3 images. They can be samples of your previous works from your portfolio – JPEC, PNG or BMP format up to 50 MB. Don’t use copy writing image to avoid your gig being rejected.

If you have gig video, make sure it is not more than one – minute. As for Gig PDF drag a PDF or Browse and select only up to 2 PDFs files.

Save & Continue

Step VI – Publish

This step is for you to publish and promote your GIG. You’ll see Publish Gig. There are various social networks in which to promote your gig, click an icon and fill out your details.

Then Click-DONE

At this point your gig will be labeled ACTIVE, but if it contains any videos, this will have to be approved first before you go live.


If you want to make money from micro jobs on Fiverr, the above will be of help.

If you have any questions or comments, you can drop them on the comments section. But I stress that you take action today in any online income venture you desire to try your hands on.


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