How To Earn An Income Online Creating Video For Clients In 2018


Creating videos for clients so as to be able to earn an income online is a great way to generate cash in 2018

Online videos are really in high demand these days. So if you need to earn an income online, you can follow my secret in this smart online business idea to start an online venture that pays you real cash from home.

This business is not for everybody. It is for professionals who are into creating or using videos for business.

What Will You Be Doing? Just 5 Things!

  1. Set up a blog with about 5 posts
  2. Head up to Fiverr and hire an expert to create $5 videos, for each of your posts.
  3. Set up accounts in YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest & Twitter at least 
  4. Post comments on high traffic blogs and discussion boards to attract clients.
  5. Get jobs and outsource it at Fiverr for cash.

We will go into details of the 5 steps above but before then I want to ask you a question.

Can you produce video yourself?

Yes, No.

Once your answer is no, which means it will be difficult for you to produce video by yourself, then all you have to do is learn to create videos; short videos.

Take a course at Udemy. Check out this course here. You can master it under 21 days

This course will enable you understand what is expected of you. Take the course and then go ahead and pitch clients on Fiverr or elsewhere whatever.

Please note that rendering services online can be successful through article marketing or paid ads, so take one.

Both will work well since all you need is for your blog to receive just about 200 visitors a week. With the power of digital marketing 200 visitors to your blog will certainly enable you make good sales every single month.


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