How To Easily And Effortlessly Differentiate Between A Genuine Online Business And A Scam

Hey guys, I created this post to enable me show you the clear difference between a genuine online business idea and a scam, even if you are given just a few minutes to check them out.

When I first came into the online market place, the first impression I was made to nurse was that online businesses are easy to set up or require very little capital and in some cases a hell of an impression of setting up without spending a dime. Wrong!

In specific cases which are still fresh in my memory were the fact that you could set it up even if you have not touched a mouse before. Not to forget where you were misled to believe that your computer will be vomiting cash as a damaged ATM machine.


But all the above were false claims.

Hear me out!

Every aspect of an online business has three factors to success:

  1. You will need to easily set it up by yourself.
  2. If you cannot do so yourself, you hire a freelancer to do it for you.
  • If the above two do not seem to work out, then you have to learn from free tutorials or paid courses that flood the web, so as to do same.

It’s that simple

Anything outside the above, you’re about to be scammed.

Another clear case of a scammer making an offer to prospects is where the offer is an affiliate offer, yet you are required to pay a token to join. No genuine affiliate marketer will require you to pay any token to enable you learn or join his network. Once you do this, (they claim) you will from then on make millions overnight. Capital lie!

Now what is a genuine online business idea?

Good, come with me.

There are only 3 models in any shade of online enterprise right from the past till this day. Here they are:

  1. A model that sells a product.

Your product can either be a physical product like shoe, clothing or furniture. Or digital products like e-books, videos, software, programs etc.

  1. A service being rendered online.

If you are not selling a product, then you’re likely to sell a service rendered online. Such service could be web design, graphic design, programming, freelance writing, video production etc.

  • A Platform like software tools or other facilities where people come to make use of.

Failing the 2 above, what you should go for is most likely going, to be software tools or other facilities where people come to make use of such as Yahoo mail, Google search engine, online forum, social platform like Facebook or YouTube etc.

The above, are all in my knowledge, what makes an online business.

Which is the easiest?

To make money online anywhere on the planet, the easiest and the fastest way to go is number II above, render a service. You do so either by yourself or as an affiliate.

I personally did not know this, but when I got into the online income arena, (with closer and keener interest,) I discovered from freelance sites that it is a lot easier to make money from rendering any service online.

I stand to be corrected though, but I have made a lot more money (more easily) from rendering services like graphic design services, article writing or promotional video production, than any other sources I have out there.

So in conclusion…

What model do you intend to follow? Create and sell a product, render a service or build a platform from where you can make money on the internet. The choice is both easy and hard, but the ball lies in your court. The earlier you hit, the better.

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