How To Easily Make $1,000 Per Month From One YouTube Video.

Such a tall aspiration as making $1,000 per month from one YouTube video may not be as hard as you think but it’s obviously a challenge. So take it as a challenge that’s worth and give it a try.

Hey Guys,

You’re reading my post on how you, or anyone for that matter, can easily make $1,000 per month, from one YouTube video.

Not many creators on YouTube have done this well, or at least attempted it. Some have done it and feel you too should be able to do same following my guide.

I will use this post to show you the way to follow, so if you are ready, let’s go.

The First Step To Take Is – Choose A Niche

The first step for you to take is to choose your niche. A Niche is your chosen subject area which you intend to dwell upon in all that you will be doing.

Focus on high search volume niches. Any niche you finally select must have a high search volume.

Subject areas like, comedy can provide such search volume. Some other areas like video games and its related sub-niches are capable of producing high search volumes. Searches in the range of 10,000 to 100,000 a month will be okay.

 Niches With High Suggested Bids

Best for this too are niches with high suggested bids. Another is a product with high converting nature.

Note that most YouTube videos with such traffic use ad to monetize their channels, so you will need to actually go through the Google keyword tool to get your desired keyword.

What About Niches With Broader Audience

As already stated above, for a channel to have up to 100,000 to one million views a month, means it has a fairly broad audience, which leaves nearly nobody out.

News, comedy or even health and fitness niches are best for broad audience channels. In fact, any channel that teaches a specific skill is best here.

Target High Views Videos.

If you desire to hit your target easily you must pay attention to videos with high views from 500,000 to 1,000,000 and above, to enable you hit your goal earlier.

Use Multi-Part Keyword Phrases

What do I mean here? Something like this: Hot Business Ideas..; then make it something like, “Hot business ideas that are easy to start”. Or “Hot business ideas for 2016 or 2017”. Also “Hot business ideas to start NOW”

Type your keywords into YouTube search field and pick all related searches that will pop up. I am referring here to those results that you will be able to rank your videos for more easily.

See these:

  • Hot online business ideas…
  • Hot online business ideas courses
  • Hot online business ideas books
  • Hot online business ideas tutorials
  • Hot online business ideas guides
  • Hot online business ideas reports
  • Hot online business ideas training etc.

Just for example.

Attempt for multiple streams of income I should better take this up as a separate topic but I will put it briefly here. Check such means and ways of channel monetization below:

How Will Your Channel Be Monetized?

  • Sell Ads spaces or advertise your products
  • Sell your own or Udemy course
  • Send traffic to your website
  • Sell your own services.
  • Post Videos on other sites

Create Video Games Channel

  • You can start a video games channel
  • Were you lead viewers to
  • Where you review games
  • Where you walk through different games
  • Where you walk through different levels of games, and the likes.

This would work well anywhere. This type of channel generally pulls thousands and tens of thousands of viewers. There are others two in millions

So if making $1,000 per month is your goal, then the above is worth paying attention to.

There’s competition though, but there’s every possibility of making it big from a video that is viewed in millions a month.

So what do I mean here? Simply go to other channels related to you and check their most viewed videos; then create channels that focus on similar sub niches.

Use Analytics To Find What Your Subscribers Want.

Take for instance you have a video that’s only 2 weeks old; but this channel already has like 180,000 views. This gives an indication of a good topic or great niche.

So what should you do next?

Brainstorm similar video for your own channel that will be targeted as such fast growth. My good examples of such video are videos that are erotic in nature as well as sexuality contents. Such will come out tops; if you will be given to such.

Go ahead and create a channel around such niches.

Any video similar to another that’s fast growing in views is bound to come out a hit.

Set Your Headlines in Varieties Thus:

  • Easier ways to make $1 000 per month
  • Simple ways to make $1 000 per month
  • Faster ways to make $1 000 per month
  • Little known ways to make $1000 per month
  • Ways to make $1000 per month
  • Ways to make $1000 per month without spending


Have I done justice to this topic; if I have left anything out let me know. Also let me know how you are progressing in your online business in case there’s any way I can help. But before you proceed to set up your video to make $1000 per month, quickly go through my next post.


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