How To Grow Your Facebook Fan Page To Your First 1000 Followers Without Advertising


Do you desire to grow your Facebook fan page to as many as 1000 followers without resorting to advertising?

Well, who doesn’t?

One simple way of building your fan base is through advertising. But you see, Facebook ads may not be expensive; but the quality of those fans usually would not be targeted. This means these fans won’t be in the high quality caliber. They will not be as high as the ones who come naturally want to “like” your new page.

Most Facebook business owners have mastered how to send traffic from Facebook to their websites. So, write the type of content that your fans will fall in love with and then go ahead to share it on their own fan pages too. This drives traffic back to your site to produce more sales. Take immediate control and do the same for your business.

Here are some of the strategies I discuss, outlining how to get more Facebook fans without spending any money on advertising.

1. How to Get More Facebook Followers Fast

Inviting your Facebook friends to join is an important first step towards having a popular Facebook page.

Best of all, it’s an easy way to get free Facebook “likes”.

  1. Setting Targeted Goals

Focusing on setting well-articulated goals after you have created your business page is of utmost important. Because, sometimes it may be easy to forget that you already possess a loyal fan base of friends and family, already waiting to be invited.

2. What Makes A Good Facebook Page

To increase Facebook fans, my advice to every business on Facebook is to look for all of the competing fan pages and see what content does well on these pages… then, all you need do is, post similar contents on your page. Don’t copy someone else’s job lest they come after you. Use videos and images as these do best.

3. Brace Up To Outdo Your Competitors

When you are doing the above, check out what they post more closely. From there create your to be more captivating than their most successful stories… and I mean what I say here.

You say how can I come around this? So what? Can’t you come up with better versions of any post or any story?

Finally, Make Money on Facebook.

Facebook is a unique platform to make money from, because users here are more than willing to click on links to visit contents published on websites outside of Facebook. Particularly when you are crafting captivating contents as referred to above.

You may know that there’s no other social media site that generates as much referral traffic as Facebook does. So, do you desire to grow your Facebook fan page to as many as 1000 followers without resorting to spending your hard earned cash on advertising?

The above, my friend, is the route to take.


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