How to Make A Legitimate Online Income In Nigeria From The Comfort Of Your Own Home


To make a legitimate online income, or better still a genuine online income refers to making money online where both the buyer and seller are real life people. These are not spammers or online fraudsters that abound everywhere online. The buyers are also real life people that are desperate to solve one kind of problem or another.

Do you want to make a legitimate online income in Nigeria? If your answer is yes, then this post will make sense to you. Why am I saying this? Read on.

Are you conversant with the online market place? If no, you need to make yourself familiar with the online environment. You need to be able to easily:

  • Set up a mail account.
  • Send, receive and read e–mails.
  • Can you navigate web pages?
  • Do you know e-books and how to handle them online?
  • Can you write articles or blog posts?
  • Can you use the search engines to search information?

If your answers to the above questions are all yes, that means you are likely to be able to (or learn what it takes to be able to)make a legitimate online income from the comfort of your home.

How Can This Happen? You May Ask?

Anyone (you are included) who is fairly acquainted with the internet can sell something to somebody else on the internet. All you need is a little focus. A legitimate online income business is a business that is run purely on the internet, selling goods and rendering services.

You May Or May Not Need A Website Of Your Own

You may not need a website of your own, but to be online you navigate websites and web pages create your own website or blog, and load it with useful information. Invite or attract enough people to visit your site. These people are called traffic that are the much needed sub component of any legitimate online income business that will yield real income for its owner.

Do you truly want a legitimate online income. Chances are you do. Reason? It will bring extra income stream into your bank account or pocket with less stress at less cost. You need to do the right work though.

Take an e-course, buy an e-book or attend an online training or seminar. The very first course I attended that brought me face to face with online income cost me N15,000 training fee alone. I bought e-books and manuals thereafter. You need to spend some money to make money. Even in the brick and mortar business the same applies.

The Easiest Online Income Business You Can Start

If it interests you to go into online business the easiest legitimate online income business anyone can go into and make a decent monthly extra income is affiliate marketing. I will be putting up a comprehensive training course on this online business in a future post.


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