How to Make Money On The Internet Producing Simple Step-by-Step Guides  


If you can create simple step by step guides, be rest assured that you can make money on the internet marketing them mainly on the web. If you are experienced in internet marketing you should be able to accept the point that one of the best ways to make money online is by selling information in the form of step by step guides, short reports, e-books etc.

But writing and publishing them online is not that easy. If you desire success, you need good writing skills necessary to keep your readers and site visitors interested in your work.  Even good authors often struggle to get the point across to their readers online or even offline.

While creating step-by-step guides in themselves may not be that hard to accomplish, there is more involved in the process of trying to make money from them.

In this particular post, I intend to lay out the basic concepts involved as well as listing the exact steps necessary to accomplish particular tasks involved. 

Requirements For Creating  Money Making Guides

All you need for creating a step by step guide are:

1). A hot niche.

2). Buyer, long tail keyword,  (2 or 3).

3). You need good writing skills ( not Oxford degree).

4).How to carry out the particular task you plan to describe.

5). A sound knowledge of using the word processor is a must.

You do not need any upfront investment to start this business. The freely available Open Office Writer can export a text file as a PDF file, which is the ideal format to use for an e-book, a short report, or a step-by-step guide.

How to Create a Step-by-Step Guide

If your task is to create a particular guide,  all you need do is

  • Document how to use a particular service;
  • Or produce a particular product.

You don’t need to stick to plain text alone in your job. Instead of just only listing the steps required to accomplish a particular task, think of a way to spice up your step-by-step guide.  Consider  including meaningful images in your guides.  Capture different  areas of the screen.  Add instructions for each step to give it better view. This way, your readers can see exactly where they are supposed to go, and what they are supposed to do.

This way your credibility increases.

Create Graphs And Charts

To make your guides hard to ignore, use graphs and charts in between the messages as they are viable means of communicating useful facts to consumers of such. Always explain exactly how to carry out the task being described.

Add Photos And Videos To Your Guides

Now that we have unavoidably found ourselves in the centre of information and communication technology, videos and pictures cannot be left of any information packaging exercise. Above all, videos today has been confirmed to be a great force in online marketing when it comes to conversion of prospects to buyers and thereafter repeat  buyers.

How Can You Tell Your Guides Will Sell?

A simple test would be to get a friend, someone close, or a family member to use your guide…Let them realize they need to be unbiased…in fact neutral.  They should  make notes of the questions they have is their criticisms if they must be of much use to your success. Then finally, edit the guide accordingly using all feedbacks received.

Include Affiliate Links In Your Guides

First, you need to include links to your own product, in order to make money from your step-by-step guide, Also, add links to affiliate products you’ve signed up to promote before distributing your guides.

One particularly useful aspect of creating step-by-step guides is targeting beginners. This often results in a certain amount of success. Take for instance, if you create a guide explaining how to go about writing a search engine optimized articles,  and in your step-by-step guide show exactly how to go about compelling your reader to read your seo article to the end. You know how big this problem is online.

Chances are the beginner will respect  your guide because they will be too scared to go off and use some other services in case the explanation in your guide won’t apply.

This particular loyalty will also extend to any other report that you’ll create. Come to think about it, if your readers have found your report useful, they will be convinced and also far more willing to pay for the next guide you’ll create. So with such success do you think your prospect can introduce to or recommend your guides to their other friends and family?

My answer is positive “YES” .

In fact you can actually capitalize on this and be advertising other products relevant to  other guides you’ll create.

Self Promoting Step-by-Step Guides

If yours is a  well written and well presented step by step guide,  it can become a fantastic viral product.  It can be passed from person to person with ease. You will need little or no promotion on your part.

If you seriously want to be in this business, distribute free guides and allow every of your reader that downloads it to give them away for free. This way you guides will rapidly spread across the vast online audience, it won’t take long before this happens.

You will make real income from the links within the guides. And you can build a list of subscribers in a short time. Bear in mind that every new subscriber is another potential customer, buyer  or client. This will continue even for the new guides you’ll create in the future. 

Now Over To You

Have you anything to say?  Have I done justice to the topic?

Let me know what you think. Share with me what you’re doing to boost your step-by-step guides writing.

Are you writing good step-by-step guides too? Are they converting well enough for you? Or do you think you can improve your conversions after reading this post?

Perhaps you have your own ideas on how to strategize your step-by-step guides writing.

Feel free to share what you do with me below in the comment section. Feel free too, to share this post on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and leave me a comment and link there.

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