How To Make Money On The Internet Using Facebook, Twitter And My Space  


When I joined Facebook, I did so to be able to socialize and connect with friends. While it is easy to make friends and interact on the social networking sites with contacts worldwide, only very few know that by creating an account on any of these sites, you can make money on the internet using such platforms.

From what we gather, there is a massive domination of these sites on the internet, they traverse geographical boundaries and connect people globally.

This attribute alone makes social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace, great opportunities to make huge money from the internet.

I have personally found that there are unlimited income earning opportunities on the web and these platforms make nearly all of them quite easy to start and succeed.

Let’s take a look at the potential of making money from the three platforms which I have selected.

 How to make money from Facebook.

Facebook itself makes money from the cheap advertisements posted on their pages by members as well as clients. In the same manner, the members and clients make money from such ads especially as they are always cheap.

Facebook fans, members and clients have been allowed to freely use all the social applications to easily enhance their social or business activities.

If you search for groups who are going to be interested in your product with the intention of showing such offer to them with time, you’ll discover that the grouping system on Facebook has a great potential of exploding members businesses.

 How To Make Money From Twitter

As with Facebook, there is more to Twitting on Twitter than what you know. It offers a vast, opportunity for making money as well. You can make money from this social network if you know what to do and how to go about it.

What you may not have known is the unbelievable fact that you can engage in direct advertising from your profile account, so, if you have many thousands of followers, you can have several potential clients you can easily target.

Even if you don’t have your own product, you can sign up for an affiliate offer and promote it to your followers. This is quite easy and has proved an easy way of making money online on Twitter.

How To Make Money From Myspace

Just as you can make money on the internet from your other social media accounts, you can also do so from your MySpace account.

As I stated before, affiliate marketing has consistently proved to be very good opportunities for making money from social media networks.

How can all these work out?

Come with me.

Sign up for a MySpace account and get fans. All you need to do next is sign up for an affiliate offer and go ahead to promote it free on your profile.

From the above, you are paid a commission on each sale made through your referral.

Are there any special skills needed to succeed on these social platforms? My answer is yes.

The only skill which you need to succeed on these networking sites is nothing other than for you to be SOCIAL, period! If you are not social, forget the idea of making any money on social networking sites.

So, In Conclusion

To make money on the internet using Facebook, and any other social media platforms, you can create your own account and sell your product or services. You can also manage clients account for them. If you know what you are doing and know how to go about it, there is money to be made online using these networking platforms.


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