How To Make Money Online In 2018 Creating And Marketing Online Courses


If you have thought about how you can make money online in 2018, then coming to this page is the best move you have made this year.

Students and professionals the world over have indicated their acceptance of the fact that it is more cost effective to take an online course than spend months and lots of money studying in a regular college.

A few months ago an online educator made over $5,000 from an online course he spent just 3 months to produce.

According to Global Industry Analysts, over $1000 billion is spent on online courses yearly as of today.

If you are a good researcher and can show evidence of some experience, you have already qualified to be an online educator creating and selling courses to students’ worldwide.

 You May Ask: What Will I Teach?

This is a question that so many new-comer online tutors are asking. My answer to them is; You will know what to teach when you go to a site like and log into your niche. Seeing the courses that are already selling there will throw sufficient light on what you can teach.

Naturally, technical courses sell very well but on the whole, courses with well-defined outcomes which will help the student improve his life, making more money and feeling better, sell most.

Ranging from how to fill your seminar seats with keen attendees, to the little known secrets of attracting hordes of clients to your online or offline service businesses (and everything in between) can make you smile to your bank month after month.

Where will your course be hosted?

You will easily complete creating your course but where will your students find it?

Yes, this is a question you must answer.

 My answer is this:

The first online course I ever took in my life was an e-mail course. My next 3 courses were all from Udemy – easily the largest online courses portal in the world.

 How To Make Money From Your Course At Udemy

First, if Udemy sells your course through their in-house promotions, they keep 75% of the revenue.

If you send buyers to your course, you make 97% of the revenue generated. I don’t know much about other online courses hosts. Research them yourself to find out.

How To Make Money Through Affiliates

The best way to make money on the internet creating and marketing online courses is to create the course and recruit affiliates to help you spread the word about your course, helping you make thousands of sales within a few months of creating it. Affiliates will, (by promotion made by your host) bring you 75%

You can also do article marketing or guest blogging to draw students to your course. As stated before, this will make you the most money – 97%.


There you have it. Do you want to become a student to take online courses or you may be considering creating a course to teach online.

 The choice is yours.

Both ways you will make money. I have made so much money from a single PowerPoint Video course I took a few months back. I am also making money from Explainer Videos, a discipline I got into mainly online.

I have never sat in a physical classroom to study any of the above subjects.

I have personally studied a handful of free online courses. If this will help you as it did to me, I recommend you go after it and don’t wait any longer.

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