How to Make Money Online In Nigeria from Writing Search Engine Optimized Contents for Webmasters

Whether you choose to work as a freelance online writer or a ghost writer sourcing for online writing jobs, you can actually write search engine optimized contents for webmasters. You can then make for yourself a fat full time income, if you know how to go about it right here in Nigeria.


First: You must learn how to create contents needed by webmasters. This is going to be SEO articles of between 450 – 600 words in length, or in some cases longer. Your search engine optimized contents articles should be:

  • Written under attention grabbing headline.
  • Keyword rich in content.
  • Educative and,
  • Informative.

Second: You must (for your online writing jobs) learn keyword research as well as how to place them in your articles to come out as search engine optimized contents for your clients.

Third: Writing search engine optimized contents articles to be readable and in simple English is a must. Set aside samples or you build a blog with your articles. Advertise your services in forums relevant to your niche.

A key word rich, optimized, educative articles should go for at least $10 – $ 15. Accomplished online writers charge more than this for all online writing jobs they receive.

Fourth: You can sit down to produce 100 PLR articles and bundle them for sell. They can be 30 in a set from each hot niche. Don’t brag about your earnings but you can make over N100,000 from 3 month’s work.

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Finally, to easily make money online in Nigeria you need to research on how to find clients so as to have enough jobs.

I must say that creating contents as a ghost writer or freelance content writer is an excellent way of generating a good part of your full-time income from online writing jobs.

I have personally been creating key word rich search engine optimized articles for clients online before I decided to take all  my businesses online.

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  1. Sina

    Please about google trend online business. Do you have free resources or materials i can work with?

    1. NdukeAbasi N.

      Thanks Sina,
      What I have now is not quite usable.
      Once I develop a usable package I’ll get in contact with you.
      Only you have to leave your contact info with me.


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