How To Make Real Big Money From Content Writing On Fiverr

 Whenever you sign up to make money from content writing on Fiverr, as far as writing gigs are concerned, you can focus on:

1) Writing the articles by yourself,

2) Spinning them, or

3) Outsourcing them.

In this tutorial, I will focus on writing the articles by yourself and spinning them. Outsourcing your content writing projects will be tackled in a separate post on its own.

Here Are What You Will Be Learning

1)   Content writing areas your jobs will come from

2).  An example of a gig image.

3).  How To Go About Performing the Gigs.

4).  Option One – Writing Articles Yourself

5)   Option Two- Spinning The Articles?

6).  What does spinning an article mean?

7).  How to Use WordAI Article-Spinning Software.

8).  Quick Article Pro – Another Article Writing Software

9).  Your Gig Description On Fiverr.

10). What is the quantity of words per article to charge for $5?

11). About Buyers Looking For Blog Posts?

12).  About Buyers Who Want Their Articles Re-Written?

13).  What about sourcing for buyers needing you to review their     products/services?

14).  What about delivering to buyers needing testimonials?

Now Let’s Start On How To Make Money From Content Writing On Fiverr…The Full Lesson.

When you make mention of content writing, the following areas generally apply.

  • SEO Article Writing.
  • Sales Copy Writing.
  • Press Releases Writing.
  • Product Testimonial Writing.
  • Blog Posts Writing.
  • Article Rewriting.
  • Article Spinning.
  • Product Reviews Writing.
  • Proofreading.
  • E- mail Copywriting.
  • Blog Commenting etc.

Honestly, this is a very hot in demand area on Fiverr as a lot of website owners come to Fiverr looking for cheap content for their websites or blogs.

As a matter of fact, one Top Rated Seller’s article writing gig has received over 20,000 orders!

Sometimes content buyers will even, need help with SEO on their websites, but they generally need to fill up new websites with lots of articles and posts. You may not believe it, but a lot of Top Rated Sellers sell written content making real cash from this gig category. For example see my personal gig image on Fiverr here:


How To Go About Performing the Gigs

So like I already stated above, there are two ways to get your content ready for your customers. They are as follows:

  1. Write the articles yourself, (if you are a good writer), or
  2. You spin them

The first thing I do in executing  the article writing gig project is to source for my articles. So you should do the same.

Option One – Writing Articles Yourself

You can actually sit down and write up articles on any topic for your buyers (this is a lot of work). Article writing is both an easy and a hard task. I have always said it, anything you set your mind to do, and you are not so good in it, take a course online. On the other hand, you can take pains to learn by yourself. I am currently running this content writing courses, you can contact me by e-mail on this.

There is a laid down structure any article will of necessity need to adhere to, namely:

1).  Article title or headline.

2).  The Introduction or opening,

3).  The body of the article,

4).  The conclusion and,

5).  The call to action.

I will leave it at that. The details are for another post. Let’s continue.

The most important part is that your articles, which you write by yourself, will  pass CopyScape or other plagiarism checkers quite smoothly, that way, Google won’t detect them as duplicate content.

The point here remains that you have to write very fast. You can write a short article under 45 minutes. but this is in a niche you are quite familiar with. If you’re not conversant with the niche you can easily spend hours on a 500-word article. It is better to spend that long on one article and get it right than spend such long man hours and still come up crap copy. This will inevitably result in repeated reviews if not outright rejection. Pity !

Option Two – Spinning The Articles?

Spinning is for sellers who either don’t have the time or are not good at writing. You can use a program which will “spin” or “rewrite”  the articles for you that it will be readable and pass any plagiarism check.

I prefer this as it is a lot easier and can enable you provide more contenta bit faster.

What does spinning an article mean?

It essentially involves finding articles that you love, which also meets the criteria of your project. They can be from article-submission sites such as; then using a spinner or rewriter such as WordAi to rewrite the article for you so it passes all plagiarism and duplicate content checks.

Aside from, you can also source for articles from other article submission websites like and, etc.

Now let us take an example to drive home this point. Let us say you have an order on the subject  “Remedy for pregnancy ailments”

What You Can Do: Go to and type in the search area – “remedy for pregnancy ailments”

Another Example: You need to deliver an order on the subject “Pregnancy travel tips”

What to Do: Go to Google and type in the search area – “pregnancy travel tips”

 Another Example: “How to control weight after child delivery”: Do the same, I believe you now get the idea on how to source for articles to rewrite on any subject for any content writing project.

Like I already stated, when it comes to writing the articles, you can either do it manually by rewriting the articles or spin them. If you are writing the articles, begin by reading and outlining the main points in the article then go on to rewrite it in your own words using the main points. It makes it easier for you when you are rewriting and it is preferable to spinning them if you are a good writer.

Note that if you go with the article spinners, you will need to proof read the final content and see if it all fits together and makes reading sense.

Take note that you want to deliver a top quality article/content to the buyer. Hence, it is very imperative that you actually go through the content line by line – if indeed you really want to take your Fiverr business to the peak!

The options available are Detailed Spin, Normal Spin and Brief Spin After pasting your article, click Launch Assisted Spin Editor at the top of the box.


(4) (paid)

(5) (free)

(6) (free)

(7) (paid)

(8) (paid)

To know if the article pass “acid test” of Copyscape as unique articles, make use of or or or

(9) Microsoft Word: You can use Microsoft Word to check the number of words count for your article before you submit them to your customers.

(10) Keyword Density Checker: – through this site, you can know how many times a keyword appears in your article. Your article word count should not exceed 1% in an article of about 400-500  words.

How to Use WordAI Article-Spinning Software

Many top rated sellers have seen a lot of success using this program. I’ve personally used WordAI to rewrite articles and I would recommend it to any seller on Fiverr. I prefer WordAI for my article-rewriting business and for good reason. WordAI spins the article I provide it in a way that it is still readable and looks like it was written by human.  A lot of other software that spins articles will produce articles that are barely readable and require a lot of work on your part to correct them.

 WordAi Sceen Shot

WordAI is $49.95 a month. This may be on the high side but very much worth it considering the fact that it is the best and most human-like spinner on the market. WordAI also allows a 3 days trial, so you can try it out for yourself to see how easy it is.’

It will only take about  5-10 minutes per 500 word article if you use this spinner. Once you have sourced for your article from any of the article submission directories I mentioned previously, copy the content and head over to and paste the content into the spinner.

Before spinning, choose your  “spinning quality”, since you want it to be readable. But, the more readable it is, the less spinning the software  will do, and the more likely it will be perceived as duplicate content by Google.

After you spin the article, read it over to make sure it makes sense. It may require some fine tuning. The technology is not perfect you know, but it’s pretty good and a lot faster and easier than writing an article from scratch.

After editing, I highly recommend using a plagiarism checker, either a free one or a paid one like CopyScape to make double sure it is passed.

Check out some of the facts I outlined above on the WordAI home page itself.

Quick Article Pro – Another Article Writing Software

Quick Article Pro helps you to write unique content on any topic in a fast and efficient manner. You just have to type in the topic of your article and the software provides you with relevant and precise information regarding the subject. Quick Article Pro saves your valuable time spent in researching and writing the article and provides you with brilliant content that can take your website to a top rank in search engine listings.” …Quick Article Pro.

Your Gig Description On Fiverr:

Make it clear that you will write about any topic and state  your word count and be  strict. Make sure your client understands that you’ll write in native English and will pass CopyScape.

You can highlight the benefits and features of your service in bullet point. I see many sellers who offer this service do this, to keep things simple.

Overall though, what you want to stress to potential buyers is that the content will be unique, pass CopyScape, and be of high quality. That’s all!

Gig Gallery:

A splash photo highlighting the features with a photo of you or a stock photo of someone writing or typing will work well.

Gig Video:

If you can make this yourself good enough, but if not (if you can afford,) pay an expert on Fiverr to set this part up for you. The video should feature either yourself or a spokesperson you hire talking about the features of your gig.

Make sure to include “Exclusively here on Fiverr” somewhere in your gig. This will help you significantly when it comes to appearing in searches or under the Writing category on Fiverr. A video for this gig is very important as most sellers do not bother with a video for their article writing gigs.


Most sellers offer a 3 day duration. I would recommend 3 to 5 days.

Instructions To Buyers:

Ask for the topic of the article, let your buyers know the more general the topic is the better, and to include any keywords if you are offering SEO optimized articles.

Express gig extra:

Offer to write the article in 24 hours for $10. Package it, 5 articles for the price of 4: Charge $15 for this gig extra (it will be $20 total) and offer your buyers 5 total articles.

SEO Optimized:

You can include this as a gig extra and promise to include keywords they desire into the article. If you are familiar with long tail keywords, you can offer this gig extra too. I would charge $5 for this.

What is the quantity of words per article to charge for $5?

As a new seller anxiously looking for sales and popularity on Fiverr, you can offer between 400 to 500 words to attract buyers. If you wish to actually write the content yourself from scratch, I suggest that you charge 100 words for every $5. On the other hand, if you are spinning them with an article spinning software, I would recommend that you charge 500 words for every $5. Never state or accept that you’ll use any software.

Also, in your gig extra, you can charge 2 X 500-word articles for $10 and 4 X 500-word articles for $20. Remember that you have stiff competition and there are other well established sellers in the field of article/content writing.

But, as time goes on and you start to get a lot of orders (by this time you are already a Level 2 Seller), you can reduce what you offer for every $5 to 300 to 400 words and increase your delivery period to 2 days.

When you have become well established to the point of getting over 50 articles in queue, you can adjust it to 3 days or 4 days period delivery.

About Buyers Looking For Blog Posts?

Just as it is with articles, what the different buyers want for blog posts is still the same thing. You will just follow the same process as I have explained above with articles. And for a more widespread exposure, you can put your gigs with these two different categories of buyers in mind – articles buyers for websites and blog posts buyers.

About Buyers Who Want Their Articles Re-Written?

All you will simply need to do is rewrite the article for them. But, take note that you will invest as much time in the work as if you are writing a fresh article because you want the article to look original and unique. In this case, your job has been made easier for you as you do not need to begin sourcing for the right article on the subject. Hence, valuable time is saved in the process.

What about sourcing for buyers needing you to review their products/services?

This kind of order is easier to deliver since you will just be writing around 75- 100 words about the product or service. Majority of the buyers order your service will often times request that you post a review of their product or service on sites like Amazon, Google Places, Good Reads, Trip Advisor, Kudzu and so on. You can write that their product/service is awesome and the very best and say why it is so.

Really whatever the demands of the client, see that you hop online and perform your buyer’s order.

And if you are „reviewing‟ a book you can simply rewrite someone else‟s review – since you cannot read the whole book before you write the review. But, in order to make the review unique, you can use about 5 minutes to skim through the book and get the general idea that it contains and add your own opinion to the review. .

Orders like this one make a content writers day as you will only need to write one review and post it to three different sites, getting paid $15 for only 100 words

What about delivering to buyers needing testimonials?

Testimonials, do not need more than 100 words to write. Again, you will get two types of buyers – those who will ask you to write a testimonial for them to put up on their website and the ones who will want you to publish the testimonial yourself.

Again, I repeat,  whatever the demands of the client, see that you hop online and perform your buyer’s order

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I will deliver your order in 3-5 days. For perks, please see my gig extras.

I am certain that you will have a good working experience with me. Inbox me for any queries.

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Now Over To You

Have you anything to say?  Have I done justice to the topic?

Let me know what you think.

Share with me what you’re doing to boost your content writing gig sales on Fiverr..

Are you writing good and money making copies too? Are they converting well enough for you? Or do you think you can improve your conversions after reading this post?

Perhaps you have your own ideas on how to better strategize content writing.

Feel free to share what you do with me below in the comment section. Feel free too, to share this post on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and leave me a comment and link there.







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