How To Profit from Different Virtual Assistant Services

We all have realized immense ways we can benefit either by offering virtual assistant services ourselves or by hiring one for their priced services. Although I haven’t much time to do much writing on this myself, Robert S. Miller an author on virtual assistant services has the following to say.

Read here what he has to say:

Virtual Assistant Packages For Your Marketing Needs

There are hundreds of virtual assistant packages that would be more affordable than the cost of a full-time employee. Why not give your business a boost in manpower while avoiding the expense of employee benefits, insurance and supplies.

There is a broad range of packages available, from office support to Internet marketing and web design. Hiring a virtual assistant instead of a full-time employee could save you as much as $60,000 annually.

Although you may have to pay more per hour for a virtual assistant than for the average employee, fringe benefits and overhead rates are slashed off your budget, more than making up the difference.

Business owners and manager frequently complain about employee productivity. They are paying a full-time salary, but they can see that employee is not staying productive 40 hours per week.

With a virtual assistant, you can eliminate all the lost time employees spend talking with co-workers and taking bathroom breaks; a virtual assistant will clock only time actually spent on the work you need done.

Sometimes, it’s not your employee’s fault; there is just not enough work to fill the day. If that is the case at your business, that is even more reason to hire a virtual assistant and pay for only the hours of work you actually need.

In order to choose the best packages, you need to learn about the types of virtual assistants that are always ready to serve you.

Administrative: These virtual assistants can do everything from answering phones to Internet research to email correspondence and appointment setting. They can often provide help with PowerPoint presentations and other office duties. For an administrative, a rate of $15 to $20 is fairly common.

Web design/marketing: These can help you with web design and management, keyword research, social media promotion and more. If you hire an individual, you are likely to get a very specific set of skills; for example, they may have the technical skills to produce a webinar, but not the marketing skills to advise the best promotion strategy.

When you work with a multi-virtual assistant firm, you sometimes gain access to more skill sets, such as marketing, technical skills, copywriting and graphics all in one place. The hourly rate for these firms is likely to be $50 to $60 an hour because you are gaining access to more expertise and staffing.

You also have the option of hiring a freelance copywriter without going through a multi-virtual assistant firm. An independent writer could help you with web content writing, blog posts, keyword research, guest posting and article submissions. They can even do transcription and video blog posting, depending on your job description.

Copywriters could charge as little as $20 an hour; however, if you are looking for help with blogs only, you can sometimes find lower-priced options.

Whatever packages you consider, make sure you choose one with the right skill set to meet your needs.

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Article Source: S Miller/1314945

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