How To Promote A Blog Using Best Search Engine Optimization Practices


Best search engine optimization practices is a major online marketing skill needed to drive hordes of visitors to a site .It must be learned and mastered if you want to ensure success in your online business. You must learn how to promote a blog using search engine optimization.

Why I make the above categorical claim about best SEO practices, is that in any online endeavor, visitors must be brought to a website. These visitors will be converted to prospects on a list. Thereafter the prospects will be converted to buyers and as the case should be, repeat buyers.

The above is the path to take and the only one that leads to guaranteed success in any online business.

So if what I have stated above looks like what you want, come with me.

 Create Engaging Contents.

What contents can we say are engaging? Your articles should fall between 250-500 words for short articles and between 500-700 words for longer articles. Actually contents that will be engaging can even be as long as 1000-2000 words. Read how to write an article here. Not only this, your contents should be written under attention grabbing headlines.Your contents should be keyword rich.It should be informative, educative as well as interesting.

Furthermore, your contents should, (whether they be comments, remarks or full articles) be friendly, in a conversational style.

Not only that, share stories, share experiences, use pictures, graphics, charts, and share statistics.

You should use and show examples as well as making sure that even your paragraphs are broken into segments.

In addition to the above, write your articles with tittles, and paragraphs with sub-titles. Your tittles should be in bolder text with every first letter capitalized.

Your paragraph sub-headings should be treated same way.

Comment on High Traffic Blogs And Forums

Comments are very vital tools when it comes to driving targeted traffic to a webpage. If you want to pull traffic with your comments readmy post on comments here, and here also.

If you read those two posts you should be able to master how to comment on blogs and forums to drive targeted traffic to your own website.

Every content you post will be highly valued. It will increase your traffic due to your application of best search engine optimization practices. All the above will establish you and your blog as an authority both in your niche and online generally.

Other Forms of Contents Pull Traffic Too.

Engaging posts like “How To…” tutorials,though they take time to create,reports, guides, lists, click baits,newsletters, info graphics, eBooks, videos, etc. all are powerful forces for pulling targeted traffic to a website.

Social Networking Traffic Formula

Start with Facebook. What are you doing on Facebook? Are you there to be entertained? Or are you there to entertain?

But I should state here that though people get on Facebook for entertainment purposes, for your own, go there for business. Create an engaging Facebook business page, and try paying for some clicks. (More on this later). This will drive hordes of targeted traffic to your website in less than no time.

Go On Twitter.

This is different. Create a personal account. Play down on business accounts. People on twitter like to follow rich contents on personal accounts than business accounts. Why? They don’t want their inboxes to be filled with “business rubbish”…sothey feel.

But I must say here don’t go alone, participate in discussion and interact with people. Get heard and known.

Go To LinkedIn

LinkedIn is meant for people who want to promote themselves in professional capacities. It doesn’t work for affiliates, but it works for your driving traffic to your own site offering products and services.

Post your url in your profile and actively participate in group discussions. The more value you attach to your post, the more attention you attract to your profile and the more of this traffic you will be able to draw to your website.

Guest Blogging

Approach leading blogs in your niche to grant you an opportunity to guest post. An engaging content can pull lots of visitors to your site if such request is granted. So you need to do this on mainly high traffic blogs and forums.

Ability to create highly engaging posts that leads to sales can bring visitors to your hosts site and drive highly targeted traffic to you own site. More on this later.

Read more on this in how to drive targeted visitors to your blog here before you proceed.

Video Marketing

Video marketing works in any niches, but be creative to have what will appeal to your audience before them.

Webinars are in vogue today – (seminars presented using online videos); these will easily create a following for you while at the same time portraying you as an expert.

Google Hangouts, if you want to hold webinars, is best and its free (I haven’t used this yet). It is very advanced yet very easy to use.

Joint ventures will feature

  1. Ad swaps
  2. Cross Promotions
  3. Give – a ways.
  4. Real Partnerships


My best SEO practices guide which shows how to promote a blog using best search engine optimization practices has no short cuts.  Tests and trials will separate those who are successful from those who are yet to. Focus on methods that you feel sound, and find most rewarding. Persistence is the key. Do only what you enjoy first, and then confront those that weigh you down later. Success awaits you around the corner.

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