How To Set Up A Blog To Start A Profitable Online Business That Pulls A Full Time Online Income For You Monthly

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Getting Started

A blog is an online diary, a digital magazine, a newscast, a place to learn as well as anything you may want it to be. A blog carries information in form of texts, images, videos a well as sounds. A profitable online business blog like this will, link its pages with others, as well as with pages of other blogs and even other media online


Readers can leave comments to communicate with the writers or bloggers. Dialog has been known to take place between both across the globe. Blogs have made a great impact in communication of news, stories, education as well as information in rich text format across the globe.

The most popular types of blog that are needed for your profitable online business ideas are:

  1. Personal Blogs
  2. Business Blogs
  3. Niche Blogs
  4. Media Blogs
  5. Reverse Blogs
  6. Community Blogs
  7. Non Profit Blogs etc.

Why Do People Create Blogs?

The biggest advantages that bloggers derive from starting of blogs are;

  1. To become better writers
  2. To improve their research skills
  3. To be seen as experts
  4. It helps the owners gain self-confidence and gain creativity
  5. Bloggers make friends globally
  6. They also have fun in the process
  7. Above all, bloggers make money from their blogs.

What Niche Should You Be Blogging In?

A “niche” is the topic you are writing about in your blog. How do you choose it? What determines your choice?

  • Interests or hobbies
  • Your accomplishments
  • Difficulties you have encountered, overcome, or recovered from etc. etc.

Before you say you have chosen a niche to focus on, ask yourself some questions.

  1. Is there a possibility of success in my niche?
  2. Is the niche large enough for me to write on for years?
  3. Will or do I have competitions?
  4. Will I be able to make any MONEY from my blog?
  5. And finally, which platform will your Blog Be Setup?
  6. Do you desire a PAID or FREE platform? will grant you a free platform, while will offer you both the free and paid version. I wish to advice that you go for the paid platform since this shows seriousness. The free vision would come to mind on grounds of financial constraints. This is true.

From Our Discussion Above You Will Succeed In This

  1. Define your niche wisely before we go into the next section.
  2. Keep in mind that what contents you will create will be unique to you.
  3. All other choices, platform, nature of blog etc. would have been determined.

In the next section we will be going into the actual setting up of your blog. If you are ready let’s begin.

How To Setup Your Self- Hosted Blog, Blog On Word press.

In order to get your new self-hosted blog started, you need to decide on two important things;


  1. Your domain name. This is your site name on the internet, normally it is, or etc. Choose this name and check with your domain registrar whether that name is available.
  1. Ensure also you have a .com Others like .co, .tv,,, .sport etc, are only there for secondary considerations.
  1. Your web hosting. Choose your web host to ensure that your site performs well; choose a hosting package that is affordable to you.

Your webhost should guarantee a 99% if not 100% uptime. Local webhosts in Nigeria have a problem here. So 31/12 your blog should be available whenever information you’ve provided are searched for online, from any part of the globe.

So for your webhost  I recommend Namecheap and Asmallorange both of which go for about $45 a year with free domain name. These hosts offer round the clock phone and chat support, reliability, database, support, free e-mail. Most especially, all online services including webhosting offer 30 or 90 days money back guarantee.

Study Your WordPress Dashboard Interface

Check out how the following features function on your new blog

  1. Front and back ends.
  2. Dashboard navigation.
  3. Updates, posts, pages, media.
  4. Comments, appearance, plugins.
  5. Users, password, tools & settings

Selected your theme: free or paid?

Choose a free theme for now, that appeals best to you. You can purchase a paid theme when you make some profits in future but for now Word press has enough elegant themes that are great for all starters.

I advise you go for these

If you however desire to go for something of a personal choice that you can pay for, then we have these: studio press, elegant themes, theme fuse, thesis, wood themes or theme forest.

Their prices range from $ 30.

You’ve put all the necessary features of your blog in place, let’s go ahead to write for the readers.

Now Your Posts

How to create, good contents for your readers on your new blog… You should know that the contents on your blog will need to be crafted to attract readers. Without great contents, your blog is bound to fail. What contents should your blog feature? Come with me.

  1. Page Contents – About Me, Contact, Hire Me, Site Map etc.
  2. Blog Posts – Regular articles about your niche
  3. Side Bar – Archives, ads, subscriptions etc.

Blog Post Creation – For readers

The basic components of an article for your blog should include:

The Headline

The headline or title of your blog post must be crafted to capture the attention of potential readers. It must have:

  1. Introduction,
  2. Main content,
  3. Sub-headlines,
  4. Bold texts,
  5. Bulleted lists,
  6. Media images and video,
  7. Conclusion and
  8. Call to action.

Check out this post on creating good contents for your blog. Write unique contents by yourself or you hire someone to do it for you. Proof read your drafts before publishing them.

How Can You Drive Traffic To Your Blog And Its Contents

Before you begin to promote your blog, check and check the functionality of your blog features over and again. Ways to promote your blog include but not limited to:

  1. Add your blog url. to your e-mail signature.
  2. Add your url. to your social profiles.
  3. Add your url. to your form profiles.
  4. Add your url. to your author bios, when you are guest posting.
  5. Submit your blog to search engines.
  6. Submit your articles to article directions.
  7. Blog commenting practice.
  8. Blog contribution.
  9. Create a feed burner account.
  10. Embark on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  11. Build your mailing list.
  12. Study your competitions.
  13. Consider paid advertising.
  14. Establish your presence on social media.

Blog Monetization – How To Make Money From Your Blog

One indisputable reason I started this blog was to make money online from online business ideas. I have generated side income from this blog. I also intend to build it up to a capacity that it will yield for me a full-time online income so I can quit my day 9 – 5 job.

Then will I make money while I sleep or while on vacations, but there are preconditions for these. I must first put in the efforts and hard work, and even smart work that it takes to happen. But I must say, this will not happen overnight. My computer will not be a “damaged ATM machine”. no, not at all.

Monetize Only After You Have Driven Enough Traffic to Your Blog

  • Affiliate marketing

Sign-up with Konga,  Jumia,  Amazon,  CJ, Click bank etc. Signing up for these companies as affiliate is easy and free. Turn your back at any network that demands training or registration fee before signing up.

  • Render services in your expertise.
  • Sell ad space.
  • Sign up for Google AdSense.
  • Sponsored reviews.
  • Sell your own products.
  • Selling your blog – if you care.


Setting up a blog is a paramount feature of any make money online idea. Before you will be able to make millions and travel the world, your journey must start with this one step. I will be putting in well over 18 months of solid part-time effort to make a full – time income from this online business idea of mine.

If you want to achieve same, come with me. This is the truth.

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