How To Set Up A Business Online WITHOUT SPENDING Any Money


images (1)This article will show you how you can set up a business online without spending any money. Somebody reading this may ask whether this claim is possible to carry out. Well, many won’t believe it but is quite possible. I will explain, so read on.

Step Number One – Search on Clickbank, Go to Clickbank and search for very popular digital products –  your best bet is what helps people make some extra money. Go to Jumia or Konga and do the same.

 Step Number Two – Register with these sites.Register as an affiliate to make money from them. To register is free. Take note if you want any site to register you as an affiliate and you are asked to pay small amount to be registered, know right away that you are about to be defrauded. Once you complete the free registration process, you are given a code to enable them know when you convince anyone to purchase their goods through your link.

 Step Number Three – Go to an appropriate section of the free classified sites to post ads.Post as many ads as possible in the relevant and corresponding categories for these products that you have chosen. For example if you browsed and found an item like children or baby monitors to be much purchased and the commission on this is good for you, then promote this product.

 Step Number Four – Make your money. Don’t be surprised, young ladies who do not have house helps or don’t want to be involved with nannies would like to keep their babies while they are in the kitchen, monitoring them using baby monitors. These will be buying from your recommendation.

 Step Number Five – How do you get your money?

You will register with PayPal or Payoneer to receive your commissions any time someone buys through you.


This business is set up without spending a dime from your pocket. You don’t need a website; you don’t need an office. You don’t even spend a dime on advertising.


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