How To Set Up A HIGHLY PROFITABLE Online Business In Nigeria

If starting your own highly profitable online business is of importance to you, then you have a straight – to – the – point answer to your long years of wonder right here.

This post will be used to show you how you can start a profitable online business here in Nigeria so you can use the profits to attend to your financial needs.

 How To Set Up Your Business In 10 Steps 

Step 1

Go to www.Google .com / trends / hot trends / Nigeria and you will discover what Nigerians in their thousands are searching desperately, seeking solutions on Google for this year.

Step 2

Select the best five that you can conveniently provide information about. What will surprise you is the number of Nigerians wanting to get news and information on the leading football teams worldwide. This will shock you. Next will be search results focusing in politics. Next will be news breaks etc etc. Just keep scrolling down…

 Step 3

Research online for affiliate networks: go to Clickbank, Amazon, Jumia, Konga or Kaymu for products that can satisfy the needs of Nigerians that are so desperate to cool their taste.

Step 4

Go to Google .com / Adwords / Keyword planner and find highly searched and low competition long tail keywords that you can use to rank on Google  for your site pages.

Step 5

Speculate your affiliate commissions in a highly successful online business ideas of this nature if you hit the page 1-10 Google search result pages. Know that if your site hits position 1 on the SERP, you are bound to make thousands of Naira or Dollars.

Step 6

At this stage you need to choose and buy your domain name and hosting. I have my post on best web host for your blog so go and have a look.

Step 7

Set up your blog if you want a free blog, go to But you better go for a paid blog at, it’s my best choice. If you cannot do it by yourself, you pay some expert to do it for you.

Step 8

Create at least 10 – 20 keyword rich articles for your blog and launch your site immediately.

Step 9

Craft an attractive keyword loaded anchor text for back linking process to begin. Write more articles for this purpose too.

Step 10

Drive hordes of highly targeted organic search traffic to your site, ready to monetize it for sales.

Finally, spread your words using Facebook, Forums, Twitter etc for more links and ranking. This is your free adverts campaign.If the sales pages of your affiliates offer are good enough, your site will make sales.

If you really desire a highly profitable online business idea that will bring cash to your bank for years to come the above is what you need to do.

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