How To Sign-Up On A Website, Choose A Hot Selling Affiliate Marketing Product And Start Earning Cool Income 


This brief post will show how you can sign up on an affiliate site for a hot selling affiliate marketing product which you will promote which, will enable you start earning cool income with it.This will be possible even without a blog of your own.

You will not even need a website or blog; even a mini site will not be necessary for this business idea.

Let’s begin.

To sign-up for the promotion of your hot selling affiliate marketing product is not hard. All you need is go to any of the local affiliate sites in Nigeria, Konga, Jumia, Kaymu, etc. and set up an account. Apply for affiliate banner and start promoting it. This done, and your registration is approved, you are free to start driving traffic to your offer starting at whichever high traffic site you choose to display your banner or link.

How To Register For Foreign Affiliate Programs.

If you intend to register for a foreign affiliate program, you need to go to sites like,, Commission Junction etc. these sites are accepting Nigerians as at the time of writing this post.

That said. If you are interested in promoting affiliate products from, you will discover that Nigeria is not one of the countries listed on click bank, at least as at when I am putting this post together.

What Should You Do For Clickbank To Accept You?

This is a good question which only Clickbank should answer. But while we wait for Clickbank to give us the answer, the massive army of unemployed Nigerians who need to find ways of making money online as outlined in this post, must do something.

Your guess is as good as mine. Only Clickbank has the largest pool of digital products that sell like cracy which Nigerians love to patronize. Two, digital products are easy to pay for and download immediately since as you know, all Nigerians are “rushians” – having little time to wait.

Two Options Available To Nigerians Against Clickbank.

If you are bent on doing business with Clickbank, this is what those so determined are doing.

Number One:

You need to know somebody residing in US or UK. Contact this person for his residential address. When given, which even a known friend can give, fill in the address at the address field. It is not only a relation that can do this. When filling your name, let it be EXACTLY as you fill it in your account opening record in Nigeria. Your name will be typed on your cheques and mailed to that address that you gave. It can then be mailed to you in Nigeria, and paid to your domiciliary account at home in your bank.

Number Two:

Use google to find “virtual office providers like graph card or 2checkout. Sign-up with these organizations, after of course, doing your due diligence. Use their address as you complete click banks affiliate forms. Use your Nigeria name on the name field to avoid being required to fill tax forms. This done, you are good to go.

How To Sell Your Hot Selling Affiliate Marketing Product.

Once the above is correctly done, go ahead and register as an affiliate and supply all the needed information.

You will be downloading only text links as banners will call for payments when you need to display them on high traffic blogs or forums. Text links work best, because we are working without a website and even without spending any money.

Use Only Blog Posts And Comments.

Use guest posts and guest comments to promote your hot selling affiliate product.

Read my post on blog comment income so as to be able to make comments that drives traffic to your products sales page. On how to choose a hot selling product, read my post on choosing a hot selling affiliate product here.

How To Earn Cool Income Using This Method

Like I said before, craft your posts professionally. Do so in as many as 30 blogs or forum boards.

If you have not read my post on how to comment on a blog or forum to make a smart online income, go and read the post here.

Be Persistent In Anything You Do Online.

I have said this time without number; whatever you do in online business do as you do any other business. This takes some time to begin to yield results. But when it does, sales will be made through your link for a very long time.

This business is meant to be a solution for a means of income for so many job seekers that are being so tossed about all over the country today.

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