How To Start Your Online Business Easily Without Spending Any Money First

Considering the economic trend today, to start your online business easily may be doubtful, talk less of starting without spending a dime. But this, though unbelievable, is the real truth. So if you want to know how this can happen read on, you have come to the right place.


 Starting Point

There are 5 (five) good ways you can start your online business easily without any initial investment. We will not talk about the airtime (megabytes) which you can purchase with your pocket money or the laptop your parents or relation can allow you to use because you cannot afford yours as yet.

We will not also count the man-hours because you are not paying yourself or anyone at that.

So rest your argument let’s start. There are actually 5 ways you can start an online business which will not require any upfront investment. I will list them below.

  • Blog Guest Posting Income
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Blog Commenting Service.
  • Online Business Brokers Service.
  • Article Writers For Website Income.

2.Affiliate Marketing:

A lot of people may not know this, but while some may already know they don’t know that you can start without spending any money.

Yes you can do so. This is it.

Go to any article directory like ezinearticles . com, GoArticles . com, ArticleBase . com etc., and create account, it’s simple and free.

Begin to write the articles about the chosen product or service which you are promoting. I have a complete guide here on this. If your posts begin to get read and they are entertaining, informative as well as educative, your readers will click to your merchant’s site and may likely buy or they will buy later.

This, once it happens you earn a commission; sometimes very nice up to 50-70 percent. If you are promoting a high ticket product like an offer of $100, 50% will earn you $50. If you have 20 article targeting such products, and at the end of the month just 5 people purchase through your link (which is possible) you make a cool $250 that month.

If you ask me to write to alone I would quickly dive in. Even if you ask me to take a one year course after my BSc so that I can learn how I can begin to make $250 every single month right here in Nigeria I should start immediately. Why? Nigeria today $250 means N70, 000 every single month. No kidding. More on that later.

  1. Blog Guest Posting Income

To be a guest post expert is for writers that can write traffic pulling posts on clients’ blogs. You will really make profit here because the pay is determined by the writer and not the client.

Check this out if you write 10 such posts in a month and you charge $50 each, you make cool $500. Pick up your calculator, at the current exchange rate of N280 to $1that would have amounted to cool N40, 000 for you.

  1. Blog Comments Income.

Blog comments are a great means of traffic also. So if you package yourself to get paid for commenting on blogs, you’ll likely be in good online income business. This business requires no separate training and no initial cost of starting.

But this post should be of great interest to Nigerian unemployed graduates who are known to be paying fat bribes for securing non-existent jobs.

  1. Online Business Brokerage Service

If you package yourself to operate as an online business broker you will likely not need a 9-5 job. Why? Let me explain.

There are so many problems that website owners need to get resolved on their sites. If you can link those who have problems that need experts to those that can resolve the problems, you would likely get paid a good income at the end of the month. Yes this is true. But we are talking here of only guaranteed service not scammers.

  1. Article Creators For Website Owners.

If you write an article for webmasters for an agreed fee per article you are in good business.

What is the cost of a good article?

Most average articles go for $10 and ten such articles will fetch you $100. Ask anybody if this job that can be completed under 3 days in a relaxed mood and if it, is a good business, and you will get a positive YES !

You don’t need any website, office, staff or much clients to make $500 in a month. You don’t even need any initial capital, The skill you need here is how to target clients and catch them.


Here you are. Are you a Nigerian and you are unemployed, or are you employed in 9-5 job and for years you have nothing to show for your daily commuting, then the ball is in your court. As said clearly above you would not need to pay a dime before you start any of the above online business ideas.

So we can conclude here that these are how to start your online business easily and make real cool income for yourself.

The next blogging issue we will learn is how to choose a hot niche for your business.

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