How Your Website Can Make More Money Through Gaining More Search Engine Traffic

As a website owner, I have learned that your website can make for you more money, if you can gain more search engine traffic. Can you cause this to happen on your site? Yes or No? Trust me if you can cause this to happen on your own site, you can make it happen for many more site owners. And guess what? Several site owners will beat their path cash in hand to your door to pay you to perform this cash generating magic on their site also for them… and you can charge them whatever you like for your services.

Now this tutorial is designed to teach you how you can make your site or indeed any other one to receive more visitors.

Here Is A List Of What Is Covered In This Short Tutorial:

  1. Introduction
  2. Benefits Of Search Engine Traffic
  3. Choose Your Keywords
  4. Which Keywords Have Lesser Competition?
  5. The Benefits Of Meta Descriptions
  6. The Function Of Keyword Density
  7. The Effect Of Images And Videos
  8. Website Contents Update
  9. On Page & Off Page Optimization


Your website can actually make more money through gaining more search engine traffic; the purpose of building any website being the need to earn a better income than what the offline stores bring in. This can be  made possible by using the search engine optimization techniques that are well known to us.


 Benefits Of Search Engine Traffic

If you desire  your website to make more money, that can happen through gaining more search engine traffic. Search engine traffic as we can see, is important for any company website to make money.

When a website is optimized  the proper way, then it is bound to get more  traffic than it previously received which in turn will lead to wider popularity for  the site.

Thus, every business owner is making use of these techniques to improve the exposure of their online business. Some of the ways that they are utilizing are as follows:

 Choose Your Keywords

The keywords you target on your site are very important. These can attract search visitors if they are of high value. Keep in mind that the keyword should have lesser competition.

If you can put the keywords in the headings and page titles then that will be better as the search engine will give it more importance. You can also put them in the sub-headings and in the URL of the blog posts and web pages.

 Which Keywords Have Lesser Competition?

To ask which keywords have lesser competition, refers to those keywords that fewer sites are targeting. Take for instance site A targets the term “weight loss”, while site B targets the term “weight loss for nursing mothers” , experts have submitted having it easier for site B to come higher in search result pages than site A. Since long tail keywords experience low competition, it will be easier for site B to come up to page one of search result pages SRPs, thereby increasing highly its potential to make money in its campaigns. This is not so for generic terms having one or two words

 The Benefits Of Meta Descriptions

How do meta descriptions help websites make more money? One may ask. Well, these are the descriptions that appear on the search engine pages excerpts from your site. They will be responsible for improving your traffic in a sense.  How? They will influence people to click your website url if at all the descriptions catches their attention.

 The Function Of Keyword Density

Keyword density refers to the number of keywords that are used on a page. Your keyword density can be measured by dividing the total keywords against the total words on the page. The optimum standard of maintaining the keywords is 2 per 100 words. Mathematically this is 2%. Too many keywords make the page unreadable, and chances are that the website will be marked as spam by Google.

 The Effect Of Images And Videos

Images and videos have positive impact on traffic as they lead to better understanding of the website. What you need to understand is that all the images and pictures used in the web pages should be relevant to its contents.

As the search engines are incapable of reading images and videos, so what you need to do is to provide a description to these elements. These descriptions should also include your target keywords in them.

Website Contents Update

Apart from these things you have to update the contents of your website regularly with fresh and interesting components. This can provide you the much needed rankings that you desire making your site visitor more interested in your website. This way, the search engines can help you pull to your site more traffic.

On Page & Off Page Optimization

When you refer to on page & off page optimization, you are focusing on

1). How the posts on your site link to one another, and

2). How pages on other site are linking to your site pages. Not a one post lesson…But many have made this to happen.

All you need to do is sign up for my FREE search engine traffic course to take you through all that you need to learn and implement, to enable you drive hordes of search engine traffic to your site…, and make money doing same for others.

Now Over To You

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Share with me what you’re doing to boost your search engine traffic.

Are you getting  good search engine traffic too? Are they converting well enough for you? Or do you think you can improve your conversions after reading this post?

Perhaps you have your own ideas on how to strategize your organic traffic efforts.

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