Keyword Research – A Vital Online Business Skill Needed For Success In Any Online Business

Keyword Research- What Is It?

In simple terms, keyword research is a vital online business skill needed for success in online businesses of any nature.It is the process where you brainstorm, research and select which keywords or key phrases you will focus on in your product or service offer.

This vital online business skill when learned and mastered will prove to be of great necessity for success in any online business.

You will need to do the research on two levels after you have chosen your product. These will be:

  1. Major niche keywords
  2. Micro niche keywords

Major niche keywords can be something like

  1. Insurance,
  2. Computers,
  3. Keywords
  4.  Investment
  5. Clothing etc .

But micro niche keywords can be something in the likes of:

  1. Affordable health insurance
  2. Low cost computers
  3. Long tail keywords.
  4. High yield investment.
  5. Cold weather clothing etc

Consider products like insurance, computer, keywords to write on, they are all generic terms and most difficult to rank for due to the tough competition. Experience shows that ranking for long term keywords is a lot easier than going after generic terms. Read this post on SEO and you will get this point clearer.

This post is crafted to teach you how you can go about keyword research for your online business. So if you are still interested let’s go.

Benefits: (if any) of Keyword Research

Keyword is important in many ways so as to know specifically where you are heading to in your online business. Some don’t bother to do anything about their keywords, but I advise that you follow this post and all other related posts to be of help to your business.

The advantages are:

  1. You will save time
  2. Your work will have direction
  3. You will understand your market.
  4. Better traffic will be drawn to your offers.
  5. You only build campaigns into pages that you know will proof profitable.
  6. You determine what to do and what not to do.
  7. You will also know your competitors what they are doing or how they operate.
  8. You know that you will be able to make good returns on your much loaded investment of finances, time and energy.

How Does Keyword Research Work?

Take for instance you want to start a site on “dresses”. First you realize that you could focus on baby dresses or women dresses, or ladies dresses. But then you realize again that you could refine your focus on less generic terms as

  1. Cold weather baby dresses
  2. Women dresses for hot weather
  3. Ladies dresses for bankers.

Research and practice shows that the terms as listed above can:

  1. Bring you into stiff competition or
  2. Bring you no traffic in some seasons
  3. Or can even open you into a web of less competition, enabling you to make money quite early.

If you choose the right (long tail) keywords as illustrated above, it will enable your site to work well from start. You will get the right traffic and build your brand faster.

Laser- Targeting Your Keywords

Target long tail keywords at first. You will get low competition, low traffic but your traffic will convert. This way, you will quickly earn fast recognition from You can easily find yourself on positions 3-8. This way, over time your recognition by becomes stronger and your page rank also gets higher.

Every keyword that you chose to target should also contain or be closely related to your main keywords. The advantage you derive here is that as you rank for your long tail key phase, you are also on your way to ranking for the main key word with time.

 Check This Scenario

You put in hundreds of hours, thousands of naira as well as tones of calories of your hard earned energy intake. After about 18 months you realize that you have little traffic and meagre income from your efforts. In fact you actually lost. This is what happens when you complete against unlimited budget and solid branding.

But if you take time to conduct keyword research you know which market to target before building your site. For example target nutrition or weight loss and without unlimited budget you will fail woefully. Rather targeting phrases like “baby nutrition diets” or something like “fat loss for nursing mothers”, you will soon see traffic and go ahead to make a sale within weeks of launching your site.

So What Should You Be Doing?

This is it. Conduct keyword research. Use the free keyword tool to uncover low competition, key terms which willquickly enable your site to rank well within a short time.

Conduct your research using statistics and numbers. Use tools like the Google Keyword Tool, this will show you exact search statistics. Check your site for statistics at all times. 500 visitors on weekdays and as many as 800 on weekends is a great data to work with – quite encouraging if you ask me.


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