Low Capital Online Business – How To Start A Blog And Make Over $ 500 A Month Working From Your Home

Are you a Nigerian, and you are totally unemployed or you earn a meager income every month, you need to start a low capital online business to augment your income, if you need a break.

Therefore, starting a low capital online business a blog, is a right step in the right direction, to take charge of your finances and make well over $500 every month working from the comfort of your home.

It will not cost you much, but you’ll need to put in sufficient measure of your time. After all $500 is only N100 000+ in Nigerian currency today.

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The First Thing to Do – Select Your Niche.

Think of some marketable ideas to blog on like how to find jobs online, how to make an income online or how to create small reports on solving problems. If you can write articles that fall under the following categories you will likely be a success:

  1. Informative.
  2. Educative.
  3. Entertaining.
  4. Descriptive.
  5. Step by step guides.
  6. How to guides.

The Second Thing To DoBuy Domain Name

As you decide to start your blog one of the first tasks you will be confronted with will be buying a domain name. It can be an example like www.MyWritingBlog.com, www.LearnItHere.comwww.StartYourBusinessNow.com

www.FindAJobQuick.com, www.RelationshipGists.com. My advice is that you stick to the .com domain, .ng, .org or.co.ng domain at the most.

The Third Task Is Choose a Web Host

To move on you, need to choose a web host. For fear of downtime issues I choose Localhost; its inexpensive and is best for wordpress themes. This is important.

Fourth IsSet Up Your Blog In Minutes

You will go to wordpress.com to get started to set up your blog or you get some expert to do this for you. Search on nairaland.com or go to elance.com, and you have your blog up and running in a matter of days. This should not cost you much, just a little above N10 000, since yours is a low capital online business.

Fifth Is – Start Posting

There is need for you to learn how to write the kind of articles that attract readers. So while you write your posts, write to capture the attention of readers.

The Sixth Is SEO – Write For Google Traffic.

You will need to write with basic SEO techniques like long tail keywords to draw interested readers to your blog.

The Seventh Step Monetize For Money To Come.

You have had your site up and running, the next thing to do is how to make the money from it- the reason you set the site up in the first place.

One of the best ways to do this is to sell your own product or service. But since you may not be ready with a marketable product or services as of now, I recommend you join an affiliate program  in sites that market product related closely to your niche. This is best for any low capital online business.

The Eighth Step Other Ways To Make Money.

After you have set up your blog to make money from affiliates programs as your blog grows, you can make money from programs like Google AdSense or direct advertising.

Step Nine Engage An Expert Blogger.

Some technical issues in your blogging career will require and expert from time to time. Some can be traffic issues, writing sales copies, as well as product creation.


If you can do all of the above fairly well, you can be assured of making an average of $ 500, (N100 000) a month, a lot earlier than you thought possible.

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