Make Money Online LEGITIMATELY – How To Make Money Online in Nigeria Selling Information


If you want to make money online legitimately, the business you need to go into is selling information to a starving crowd all around you.

What is A Starving Crowd?

The starving crowd is the segment of the Nigerian populace who are trapped in poverty, who are also desperate to get out. They are hungry and starving, searching for the next available way out of their problem. Believe me they abound everywhere !

Who Are The People Starving?

  1. Income opportunities seekers
  2. Nigerian seeking investment opportunities
  3. Wealth seekers
  4. Passive income seekers
  5. Job seekers

Why Do We Call This Group Starving?

Yes they are. They are hungry for how they will be able to get out of the present predicament where they are; Put up an advert asking for graduates to apply for a N25,000 a month job, 500 will apply if you advertise in a national daily. Income opportunities or investment opportunity seekers will come up with 50% of these responding.

The state of the Nigerian economy has made it so bad that Nigerian graduates have resorted to Okada riding as a means of keeping body and soul together.

How To Sell Information Products To These Starving Groups.

Do you know of the popular information marketing business, chances are you do. Genuine pieces of information either in e-book format, DVD, pamphlets, binders, CDS etc. that can help these responsible Nigerians get out of this messy situation will be bought with frenzy.

 The Real Truth About Making This Income

If I can genuinely show a Nigerian graduate how to pass a job interview and get recruited into an oil company from using my secret information product, how much do you think these good citizens of Nigeria will be willing to pay for my product. Probably you think they will not buy it… Believe me they will buy without looking at it twice. If I can show them an evidence of others who succeeded passing through this rout, I have a winner information product in my possession.

Nigerian entrepreneurs should implement this make money online idea in Nigeria, it’s guaranteed to make good income. Still talking about selling information lets see how  you can make real money online in Nigeria easily.


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