Make Real Money Online – A Unique But Simple Way To Make Extra Money Online  

I have said it repeatedly, to make real money online, you must sell something. But if you are one of those searching for a unique but simple way to make extra money online, this post will help you achieve your desire.

If you own a blog with decent traffic you can make this happen in 2 simple ways.

  1. Sponsored Posts
  2. Banner Advertising 

What is ‘Sponsored  Post’?

A sponsored post is a post you write on your blog, but you write about a service that can be found on the sponsor’s site. This is a kind of affiliate marketing. You write a post that will cause your readers to purchase a product or service the sponsor has for sale. Such a post should have two or three links going out to the sponsor’s site.

Banner Advertising

As said before, a blog that draws about 1000 readers and over every day, has decent traffic. This type of blog can create space for banner advertising not his own only but banners from other publishers to use in marketing their products and services.

 How Much Can Be Made?

What a high traffic blog can make using this idea alone range from $20 to $30 per post. But, the longer the post, the higher the price paid. Also the higher the page views the higher the site owner will ask for. As regards the banner ad, a higher traffic page attracts higher ad rates. But the longer the ad stays the higher the cost of advertising, the advertiser has to pay.

Basic Requirements For This Money Idea

The basic requirements for this unique way to make extra money are as follows:

  • You need to own a high traffic blog.
  • You also need to be a good writer.
  • Your blog should have a high page rank.

The rest is not difficult. And will cost you little or nothing of your own money.

Overall Monthly Income You Can Make From This Unique Idea

Generally, a blog that displays on page one of Google ’s search result pages  will easily make a decent income of well over $1000 every single month for its owner. So in conclusion, as I always make it clear: to make

real money online, you must sell a product or render a service. Here the advertiser is purchasing space plus traffic from the blog owner, and this (you can see) is a unique way to make money.

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