New National Minimum Wage For Nigerians: Workers Should Demand N100 000 And Not N30 000


When minimum wage is the matter, I say workers should demand N100 000 and not N30 000. Yes! Any state in Nigeria can pay N30 000 much clamored new proposed minimum wage, and I say even N100 000 is still very possible. Do you know why? Reason is that most Nigerian governments do not place value on our money at all. And I mean what I am saying. If they stop wasting and sharing money our economy will change.

 Do you know that successive governments have only been evil all through, invoking woes upon the people?

If you did not know, know it now that our state governments have been neck deep in squander mania, unproductive investments, and white elephant projects.

Tell me how you can prosper if you waste your God given resources. Whom would you blame for your woes.

If you want to understand my standpoint, take the case of a salary earner who takes home N100 000 a month. If this person squanders over N80 000 of this money every month by month for upwards of 5 years …, without embarking on any productive venture, can a man like this make any headway in life? My answer, if you care to know is: No!

Thank God, there are countries who value their money and their

governments have the needed focus that our governments lack. So that is why people like us who had our eyes opened are educating Nigerians that care to listen thus.

See, ordinary Nigerians have discovered secret ways of being paid good wages by foreigners in dollars to perform small small tasks for them. Tasks like graphic designs, word processing, excel, writing, even web design etc. And you know what; they are all well paid in $$$ in all cases.

Imagine typing and professionally formatting 20 official letters and being paid $100: and you work from your home. Think about it. As I’m typing this, when I do a job like the above for a client in Nigeria, I’m paid a paltry N3000 at most. But if I execute this same little job say, for a student in UK. I am paid cool $100 i.e N36 000. And any business centre can complete such a job within hours.

So, you can see that Nigerian workers are paid pee-nuts because it’s pee-nuts that’s being passed round.

See I am not saying the above to brag, as am typing this, thousands of Nigerians are smiling to their banks from doing micro jobs for clients online. I have repeatedly told Nigerians to learn how to offer their services online and be paid in dollars, leave Nigerian government with their woes.

If you want to know how to render your services to clients abroad and be paid in good dollars, download my “Award Winning Fiverr Blueprint”.

This amazing course will reveal to you step by step, how you can be contacted with jobs you can easily perform, and how you can be paid in hard dollars for them.

So, if you desire to turn your back at the Nigerian civil service for ever, hurry up and check out this life changing guide. Remember it’s completely free. But you’ll thank me for it later.

But before you leave the blog, click on the micro jobs link, and the information that will display will blow your mind

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