The EASIEST Way To Monetize Your Website, and Start Making Money FAST

Once you’ve successfully built your site and seen considerable amount of traffic, you must of necessary look for the easiest way to monetize you website and begin to make real cash into your bank from it.

The easiest way to monetize your website is to sell your very own product. Could be an e-book, short report, music or software, any product.Two other ways of making money from your site are affiliate programs as well as Google AdSense ads.

That said, ensure that you sign up for affiliate programs that pay at least 35% if the commission is not up to 70%.

Where Should You Target, Local Or Foreign Affiliates Programs?

My answer to this is “both”, Programs in Nigeria exist at, but not limited to the following sites.

  1. www.jumia,com
  3. etc.

There are thousands of foreign affiliate programs also which include:


Please ensure that any program you sign up with is relevant or has a relationship with your niche. For example, my site is focused on online business ideas, so I cannot go to sign up for an educational affiliates program.

If as you try to sign up for an affiliate program, you still run out of luck: then you can try searching your niche + affiliates on

Even though AdSense brings very meager revenue in most cases, you can still resort to it as a last option. You can research and find high paying AdSense ads that pay from $5, $7 or even $9 per click as against those that pay $0.3 or $0.5 and the likes.

Why I leave the above hint, is that I hate you working your finger to the bones and at the end of the month you see less than 100 cents in your account, this can be discouraging.

Place Your Affiliate Links Well.

Where should you place your affiliate links on your site? Good question. You should best place it right below the article title, just on top of the article body. This location produces the best results. As I have stated before, for best results, your affiliate links should better be text links as banners don’t seem to convert well.

Another position where you can obtain better results is within the end of the first paragraph, or the second if the first is rather short.

Up next in the process of searching for the easiest way to monetize your website is to build a list. We will examine this in the next article here.


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