The Easiest Way To Start An Online Business In 2018

If you have been nursing the ambition to start an online business before now, then you need to read this post to its end. Because in it, I am about to reveal to you how best to go about setting up and running an online business beginning this year 2018.

But before I delve into starting any online business proper, I should like to examine some reasons why anyone should want to start an online business in the first place:

Reason number one 

An online business (if well setup) can help to add an extra means of income to sustain the family.

Reason number two

It will help in augmenting the current lean wages paid by employers in 9 – 5 jobs for workers who care to explore this t

Reason number three

An extra source of income will help in relieving the strain on the monthly pay check, making it possible to make some more savings.

There are still more but let’s stop there for now.

So you can see that with the declining state of the economy, having an alternative source of income is a must.

But how many really know what are needed in starting an online endeavour.

Some think what you need is capital… others think you need computers, yet some feel you should not only own functioning computer systems but be a computer graduate before you can start an online business.

The above are all good requirements to put in place, but of a truth, they are rather far-fetched requirements.

The easiest requirement for starting an online business.    

If you determine to put in place additional means of extra income for yourself this year or beyond, the easiest route to take is not to set up a blog, build a website or design a software program etc. but all you need to start is to offer a “service” using a skill you already have. Such a skill can be photography, craft, graphic design, painting, creative writing, singing sporting, fashion or indeed any do it yourself (DIY) skill.

In fact, if you can design a website, setup a blog, design an app or create a software you are good to go; but I must be honest to you, the skill needed for setting up online businesses in these fields are on the high side.

So What Is My Best Online Business Idea?

Here’s it.

Offer a service using a skill you already have. Could you believe that a graphics and design service offered online can attract a lot more patronage than a software designer does given the same time space. If you can create an e-book cover, a feature image, a social media cover design, a flier or even a CD sleeve, which take only one or two hours to complete and deliver to a client, you are more likely to land clients fast. Do you believe it?

Better do. Cos this is what I do most.

How To Start The Business Online    

Starting this business online is by far easier than doing so in the brick and mortar setting.


Just create a business page on Facebook, another on Pinterest and a third on LinkedIn, if you do good jobs you’ll land your first client under 21 days. If you cannot create these accounts yourself then reach to your wallet for $5 and head on to Fiverr or Freelancer, and hire an expert to create any of such accounts for you with speed.

If you seem to pick interest in what I am explaining here, or you don’t even know how to go about starting an online business the easiest way, then download my free e-book-“Fiverr Blueprint”  here, with it you should be able to have a complete guide on the way to go.

In conclusion

Before I end this post, I want to make it clear that offering a short service by way of a skill you already have, either on a social media business page or on a freelancer site, is a very simple way that you or anyone can start an online business and land your first client faster than any other web income searcher.

Take action on the above and if you run into a hitch anywhere along the line, feel free to contact me and am sure to be of help co’s, I am serious about your starting an online business this 2018.        



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