The Fastest And Easiest Way To Drive Traffic To Any Website


Dear friend you are reading this post, most probably, because you are searching for the easiest way to drive traffic to your own or your client’s website and make money in the process.

So if this is like you, search no further, below are listed the fastest and easiest ways to drive traffic to any website.

If you’re still there, let’s start:

First: Pay Per click

This means paying for traffic, running an ad on popular high traffic sites like or Facebook. This will put your brand immediately in front of your exact audience. If you craft your message well enough, it will proof a very effective, and in fact, an instant source of traffic. It will cost some fortune but it is value for money.

Second: Twitter

If you create an account on and know how to target twitter followers so as to create a sizeable following like 5 000 to 10 000, you have a gold mine in your control.

Surfers who use Facebook and Twitter check their account frequently and this alone make these social networking sites very potent, as far as fast and easy ways to drive traffic online is concerned.

Third: E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing will bring a major response with a significant wave of traffic trouping to your site. E-mail marketing involves you e-mailing your list or on the other hand paying someone in your niche to e-mail his list with your message. Within a matter of hours, days or within a week or two, you are bound to see a major impact from this traffic solution.

Fourth: Forum and Blog Posting

Posting on a high traffic blog or forum is another great way to drive traffic back to your site, to make money.

How is it done?


Write an engaging or thought provoking post with a compelling call to action at the end or even at any point along the body of the post. Once you do this well, bam! You’re bound to make a kill beginning the next hour till the next couple of weeks.

Fifth: Article Marketing

Personally I use and if you follow my guide traffic arrives your site under 48 hours.

Take for example, you craft an engaging post and get it published in a high traffic article directory like, your site will surely experience a sudden surge in traffic, within days.

So, imagine if you have an article published every day pointing back to your offers, then you have a major breakthrough coming your way.

Again too, if a webmaster finds your article very unique and extremely informative as well as educative, and goes ahead to publish it on his site with your resource box intact, then this can easily bring to you an unprecedented surge in traffic to your site in no time.

So, article marketing is still very effective. It will take your time and demand creating effectively engaging posts, so as to benefit from a substantial traffic that is associated with it.

Sixth:  SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Put briefly, SEO means putting your site on first page of Goggle search results. Your competition level matters here.

If the search volume for your keyword is high and the competition is low, it will take some time for you to see results with SEO. The secret is getting more and more articles published.

So as you work towards succeeding with SEO, keep in mind that it won’t bring you instant traffic.

On the other hand, once traffic begins to come from your SEO effort, you will reap the benefits for years to come without any more work from you.


So, whether you are a website owner selling an affiliate offer,  or maybe you are selling your own product; or it may even be that you are working for clients paying you to drive traffic to their offers to increase sales, the above is exactly the way to success.

Research converting long tail keywords, craft attention grabbing headlines, write educative, informative as well as entertaining posts and close it up with an irresistible call to action and you won’t go wrong.

So if you were on this page to find the fastest and easiest ways to drive traffic to any website, here is it above, drop your comments at the comments box.


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