The Fastest and Easiest Way to Make Money From Your List

Once you have built your list, you need to discover the fastest and easiest way to make money from your list. How are you supposed to make money from your list and not only that, DO IT FAST! This is basically what you need to get right in this post, and get it right here and now.

I am stating this here because I hate to do what 99% of the online marketers do. Because if they all fail, you will fail too. Far from it. My aim of developing this platform is for you to make money.

So if you go round the entire global online market place, you are bound to hear “The Money Is in the List”. I don’t want to repeat it here. But if you want to make headway and distance yourself from the crowd then come with me.

Help Your List To MAKE MONEY Period!

I don’t know any other way to state the above: I want you to get me right here. No overstatement is necessary.

If in all your online endeavors you have never sat down and brainstormed how to make money from your clients, do from now on. HELP THEM MAKE MONEY. Simple!!! Anyhow you want to do it, go ahead and you will make any amount you want in the process.

Ensure that you don’t just focus on your own profits. If this is the case, and you are succeeding, then cross check your investments, something is soon to be wrong if it is not wrong already.

Research! Research!! Research!!!

Research deep and wide across the web for prospects who are serious about making extra money, making good money, making money continuously; that’s it.

Give the right info out. Share the information with them. I mean “share it” interact with them with your facts and figures. This post may not be long. But that’s it, take it from there and go ahead to make your money.

Make Money While You Sleep.

You have been hearing all the bla bla about “make money while you sleep” or “make money while on vacation”, or probably the one you heard more often is “make money working 2hours a week” or may be making money “without any work at all”…yes I agree that you have heard of all that. But I will summarize it in this one paragraph before I go.

This Is The Money!

This is where the money is.


I collect e-mail addresses from my site.


I share useful as well as relevant information with them.


Sign-up with your offer yourself which may pay like 70% commission 30% to you 40% to your leads, I mean your list.


Sit back and make your money. See it?

You May Not Understand This.

See what I am laying out here. If I have a list of 3,000 email addresses, and I send them to my secret offer.

Keep in mind, I have stated that when the sales page is powerful, about 10% i.e.300 can purchase the offer within 72hours. Yes this can happen, and even more.

Check this out. My secret offer is $70 if the ratio as stated above is $30 to me and $40 to my prospect. Then I stand a chance to make $30 x 300 at this first shot. Think about it. I make a whopping $900 under 72hours. This is the secret.

What about Repeat Buyers?

If my merchant has a follow up offer, I make money again. The process continues and I continue to make money.

My article which I labored to create, and post my blog comments, my social media efforts, my e-mail information sharing etc. that bought me to this point was enough work.

Now is time for me to sit back and enjoy the fruit of my labor. This is when I go on vacation, go to sleep, and have free and enough time with my friends and family. Truth of the highest order !


So if you were on this site or page to seek the fastest and easiest way to make money from your list, this is it. But find out how you can channel the money that you have made to your bank here at home.


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