Top 10 Most Hot Selling Writing Professionals Online And Offline


Do you want to be among the most hot selling writing professionals who are making a kill with their skills both online and offline, then, read this post to the end.

As you can see, the internet has exploded so much that the demand for copy has grown with unlimited opportunities for writing professionals worldwide

Whether you are an African, Asian, an American, or English; you will be hired once you show sign of being able to create a “persuasive copy.”

Following is a list of top 10 web content projects you can be paid to handle

as a content writer. But before we come to the list, let me ask you a question?

What in your opinion do you consider to be the basic qualification of a web content writer?

BSc, PhD, MSc, Diploma or High School?

Well if you fix your mind on any of this, you’re not wrong.

A professional writer needs good credentials no doubts, but do not get too worked up on this. Why do I say this? I am coming…

Ability to write so that your prospect i.e. your reader while reading,


See it?

It’s that simple. It is straight to the point. In fact the entire web needs nothing other than, “GETTING THE PROSPECT TO TAKE THE DESIRED ACTION.”

So get it down, download it into your hard drive, with a name you can always recognize.

Now, can we go over to the professional writing opportunities that we left off?

Yes!, Okay.

Top 10 Most Sought After Professionals.

1.) Bloggers – Blog Post Writers.

It will surprise you the extent to which companies, experts, professionals, personalities. or even celebrities seek to pay bloggers hard dollars to write copies for their blogs or websites.

In all these cases, we want writers who can write to convince their site visitors to take action. Simple.

2.) Website copy writing – Sale Copy Writers

If you are good in copy writing, you’ll be in demand. Web promoters will

wade their path to your door. We’ll come back to this later.

3.) Writing For E – Mail Marketing

This is a micro skill a writer offers and gets paid. He will be hired to write

e – mail his clients prospects will:

a). Open;

b). Act upon.

This is the power of e-mail marketing.

4.) Writing Autoresponders

These are e-mails that go in series. Marketers pay writers well for this also.

5.) Pay Per Click Ad Writing

Ad copy writing are direct and targeted copies (written to make money for clients) are paid for, $5 per word. So a 25 – word ad will attract a whoopee $125 into the writers pocket. Yet it takes a matter of minutes to craft.

6). Search Engine Optimization Services

If you can write copy that can cause a clients website or a web page to come up on (say 3rd) on search engine ranking, then you’ll have clients from all over the globe searching for you. I mean cash in hand clients eager to hire you…

7). Landing Page Writing

Ability to create a converting landing page – ( the first page a prospect land on and sees on a website), is a plus skill online. Posses this skill and clients will queue to your door.

8). Advertorial – Sponsored Content Writers

This is a news style advertisement which goes with a company executive bye-line. You write this alone and you have a long list of clients tracing their way to you.

9). Press Release Writers

This is a free advertising for your clients if done right. Persuasive writing talents are mandatory here. This is the reason press release writers make a lot of money executing their projects.

10).Social Media Specialist Writers

One of the fastest growing sectors of online marketing is the ability to market though Facebook, Twitter, Linkeln, Pinterest, Instagram etc. So if you can write what this platforms need, you will soon be in a booming  business.

The above are not all. We have content writing opportunities in the following sectors too.

a). Resume Writing.

b). Grant Writing.

c). Writing For Non Profits.

d). Travel Writing.

e). Writing For The Financial Market.

f). Catalog or Brochure Writing.

g). Health Market Writing.

h). Writing For Webinars.

g). Research Writing.

This list is long but not endless. But here’s a big take:

Are you interested in becoming a web copy writer? If your respond it’s is “yes,” good. But if it’s no, it’s probably you don’t know how to go about it.

If you belong to this group, I am about to start a free content writing

course on this site for Beginner Content Writers’ that will reveal and

teach all that you’ll need to know to begin landing high paying content writing assignments soon after the training. You will also be able to

get jobs from micro job websites listed on this post as well.


Before I save and shut down, I must add that becoming a web content writer is not rocket science. You can learn the basics from a free e-course, low priced or free e-book, or even a one-on-one coaching.

To write a 500-word article or blog post on Fiverr is $5. Very easy, you can

get the job in the early hours of today, complete it before 9am, and before noon you are paid. Same day!

Of a truth, you can sell your writing skills on Fiverr and make well over $100 a day.

This is good money …if you ask me. ($1 500 a month if offers are consistent as we know).

Well, if you desire to make this happen, I have a free guide that has been helping others like you, if you care.

But before you click away,  read my next post to throw more light on what writing power lies at the disposal of any skilled web content writer to make cool cash online.



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