Top 20 Gig Selling Strategies To Apply On Fiverr To Become Top Rated Seller

In the preceding post, I outlined top 5 hottest gig selling strategies which sellers are applying on Fiverr to guarantee sales; let me hope you benefited a lot from that post.

In this next post, I am about to lay out all of 20 gig selling strategies which any seller can apply to his gigs to further push up sales. Why am I concerned with these strategies? The answer is one word – competition. You need to strategize to beat competition. It’s that simple.

Here I list the top 20 gig selling strategies, so if you are still here,  let’s go:

  1. Always Be Professional:

The most important strategy is to always be professional. Have some sound background knowledge in whatever service you offer. Create your bio professionally and also apply professional language to create your gigs. Analyze your offers well and avoid bad grammar. Stick to one niche and sub niche when offering your services.

  1. Offer Hot In Demand Service:

Concentrate in offering hot in demand gigs. Conduct research on Fiverr and you’ll discover that graphic services, writing and video production, are 3 of the hottest selling services on Fiverr. Offer these services and you make your first sell under 48 hours.

  1. Offer Services With Low Competition:

How do you identify services with low competition? These are those services with long queues and very long list of reviews. Of a fact, you may not be able to offer such services outright. So you need to learn to apply the skills involved. Learning a new skill can be quite easy online. So do something about learning a skill today, instead of remaining jobless.

  1. Set Short Delivery Time:

Do you complete your jobs before delivery time? And that leaves you with over 24 hours before set delivery time? This will kill your Fiverr sales. Set your delivery time shorter. Believe me, buyers are easily turned away by either a too shorts or too long delivery time. So be realistic.

  1. Practice Courtesy In Your Service Delivery:

In your gig sells, practice courtesy. Use professional terms to describe your service. Be polite and friendly when communicating. Treat customers with courtesy. Offer them a bonus and even over deliver.

  1. Offer A Great Service In Your Dealing With Clients.

Promptly apologize for mistakes made. Don’t argue; promptly offer to review an unsatisfactory service. If you create logos for clients, always create 2 so they can choose one. If you write articles write 6 articles for the price of 5 etc etc.

  1. Always Offer A Bonus.

This point is incontestable, always offer a bonus service. People always welcome it they can pay for 5 things and get one free. Try as much as possible to keep your clients happy and make them to keep coming back.

  1. Describe Your Gigs With Story Keywords.

It is important the way you word and describe your gigs. Use keywords to strongly describe your gigs. It is important to have a title relevant to the gig you’re selling; your gig title is the first thing that attracts your buyer to your gig. Check these 2, I will design a good banner for $5 I will create an awesome and beautifully looking banner for $5. That’s it for a good description that can attract buyers to your gig.

  1. Add A Video To Your Gig.

Have you realized that, of recent, video, I mean short 30 seconds to 1 minute video are widely used for selling online? Go back to Fiverr and check, and you will discover the power video adds to effort for selling goods and services online.

  1. Purchase Your Own Gig.

Do you know that you can increase the number of reviews you have, by purchasing your own gigs. You can actually even ask your friends and family to purchase your gig and give your positive review.

  1. Reverse A Negative Review: Be Kind.

When a buyer shows displeasure for your service, quickly respond by offering him a refund. Ask him to send you his account by e-mail. But be cautions in doing this. Refund his money if and only if he accepts to delete or change his review to positive. Promptly apologize when this is done right.

  1. Offer Only Fast Delivery.

Always avoid delivering your orders late. This upsets all buyers. I always state it, people want to be served fast. They want to be given value for their money, time wise.

  1. Maintain A Note Pad For Your Gig Deliveries.

Set something like “hey Frank, thanks for your order. Here’s the delivery…“Attach your file and send. This will save you a lot of time.

  1. Replicate Your Gigs For Easy Visibility.

Write various versions of your gig titles to get seen by same client more than just once. Create gig like:

  • I will create for you a 200 word convincing testimonial for $5
  • I will craft for you a 250 keywords rich convincing testimonial for $5 or another like:
  • I will design an eye catching flier for $5
  • I will create an awesome flier for $5
  1. Endeavour To Offer A Complete Package

Try as much as possible to offer complete packages so buyers can always come to you and get all they want, and do so with you alone in one place. Promote your package – I mean the different sub packages before or after the order has been placed.

  1. Mention Only Your 100% Performing Gigs

100% performing gigs mean those gigs that have all positive reviews, mean9ing all the buyers have been satisfied. It you have klow performing gigs with low percentage reviews, gigs with negative reviews, (like 2 or 3 of them) within days you’ll notice a drop in your daily or weekly sales. That is why you must do something about your low performing gigs.

  1. Share Your Gigs On Social Media.

Go to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Forums etc. create a blog, free or paid and direct your gig visitors to see your port folio. This will increase their confidence in you.

  1. Advertise Your Gigs On Forums.

Go to relevant threads and advertise your gigs there for more traffic. Register in these forums and place your Fiverr gigs in your signature and this will certainly increase your traffic.

  1. Optimize Your Gig Description.

Use best descriptive keywords to describe your gigs. Vary your keywords to enable buyers find you easily when using different terms for example: you can use:

  1. I will write newsworthy press release
  2. I will write keyword rich press release

Set your service ahead of competition. Study your competitors closely.


The above list is not exhaustive, but I encourage you to put in as much effort, (in your business) as possible using the above guide, to guarantee success. The above is why provision is made for sellers to review their gigs for better optimization, better visibility and more sales. After all you are on Fiverr to make money.


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