Top 5 Hottest Gig Selling Strategies To Apply To Make Sells Like Crazy On Fiverr

Whether you are a seller on Fiverr or just a buyer, you need to apply or understand these 5 hottest gig selling strategies so as to guarantee success in all you do.

While one may wonder why I make a reference to buyer here, I must make it known here that Fiverr was designed for these two, sellers and buyers. One depends 100% on the other. These two parties are the only ones that Fiverr was set up for. Without them, the website would risk being shut down. That point being put out of the way, let’s start.

Hottest Gig Selling Strategy Number One – Offer Only Hot In Demand Gigs

What are hot in demand gigs? If you’ve been following micro job skills for some time, you will discover that not all services sell the same on micro job websites. You’ll discover gigs that have hundreds of jobs on queue. Others have just tens, while the rest have none. The larger the number of orders on line, the hotter the gig is on demand. Those without jobs on queues, have just enough jobs and no line on their gigs. So depending on your skill, you should not be told to offer those gigs that buyers are queuing to purchase their gigs.

Hottest Gigs Selling Strategy Number Two – Always Deliver Your Order On Time.

If you want to succeed big time on Fiverr, always make sure you deliver your orders on time. If your delivery time is 24 hours, deliver within but not after 24 hours. If you entered delivery time of 48 hours or 72 hours, ensure you deliver within that period frame. Buyers are never happy in any small bit with sellers who default on their stated time of delivery. Instead of failing to deliver on your stated time, deliver earlier, and your clients will love your service.

Hottest Gig Selling Strategy Number Three – Set A Fast Delivery Time

As far as Fiverr is concerned, nothing beats fast delivery time. Generally, speaking people like to be attended to fast. It is human nature. Although on Fiverr, buyers would most cases queue for days to receive quality service, that too is human nature. The general principle behind hottest selling service any where is simply: offer quality service and deliver your orders as fast as you can to attract the most clients

Hottest Gig Setting Strategy Number Four – Set Realistic Delivery Time For Your Gigs.

When buyers demand express service, they don’t do so for doing sake. They themselves cannot be fooled when a seller claims he can deliver 10 SEO articles under 12 hours, can you see the point? I personally will suspect that you are most likely to come up with crap copies. Any article writer worth his salt, cannot be fooled by such claim, and as such cannot hire any such seller.

Hottest Gig Selling Strategy Number Five – Create Other Gigs By Replicating Your Gigs

What do I mean by gig replication? If you are selling a gig on article creation; you could replicate it and set up other gigs as follows:

  1. I will write top quality SEO article up to 400 words for $5
  2. I will write a killer 500 words SEO content for $5
  3. I will write an awesome quality article of 400 – 500 words for
  4. I will write top quality keyword rich article for $5
  5. I will write high quality search engine optimized 500 word article for $5

See the above? It makes you relevant when buyers are searching for services on Fiverr. Also the management of Fiverr (when validating gigs) will not delete your gig feeling they are repeated services by one person.

Also in this hottest gig selling strategy, any new gig created goes into new section, and gets seen easily. Also after creating a gig, replicate it after one week, so your gigs get seen always.

In conclusion

I would want to conclude this piece by saying that selling your services on line by way of rendering services on micro job sites, remain the easiest way to make money online from your home.

But to succeed with your gigs set, ensure you put the above in place for all your gigs.

Furthermore endeavor to read my full list of 20 hot strategies to apply to your gig (after the above five), to guarantee sales.

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