Top 5 Websites To Earn Cash Online By Doing Micro Jobs

If you have ever wanted to earn cash online either by selling something, or rendering a service which I preach on this site, then, read this post to the end.

As I have stated in my previous posts, doing micro jobs to earn money online is now very much in vogue and really widely practiced.

So, while quite many are making money online from this source of income, others are scratching the ground searching for how to go about it. Pity!

This, my friend, is one major reason this site was set up.

Below I am about to introduce you to 5 websites where you will be able to set-up an account and work for real people and you will be paid hard dollars.

In this new world of earn money online lifestyle, you will not need money to register on any of the sites, you’ll not need any office as such, but you will work from the comfort of your own home.

You may also ask: How much will I be earning?

Good question.

My answer is: you will earn as you work. You will see jobs for $1, $5, $10, $50 or even $150.

You will be paid what the job you will do attracts, but you will not be able to cheat nor will you ever be cheated.

Though each site has its own rules, (not those tough ones though) but you will not have any boss to stand and breathe over your neck and order you around. Hm?

So, if your mind is clear, let’s start:

The following are top micro job sites where people across the globe are logging in daily to make good money working from their homes.

Site Number One – Fiverr stands out as a leading micro job website where you can set up an account, apply for, get a job and make real good money in dollars.

The jobs you will be doing will be advertised on your own page and are called “gigs”. They will be carrying price tags that the minimum is $5.

These jobs will be small jobs you can even complete under 30 minutes to one hour as I have started before.

While you will be registering you will find other 3 million sellers worldwide are already there, competing with one another on different categories with their different skills.

This is really interesting. I will show you exactly.

  • How to set up an account on Fiverr
  • How to set up your gigs.
  • How you sell your service
  • How you get paid

But before we move to the next site, I have to let you know that for every $5 you make, Fiverr keeps $1 as its reward for providing the platform.

Site Number Two – SEO Clerks

This again is another wonderful site where you can set up an account to sell your service to already waiting clients. They will also keep 20% of whatever you are paid for your service. But on SEO clerk, services range from $1 to $100 and higher.

Before I go too far, if you did not read my post on 121 Micro Job Skills or Top 10 Skills You Can Use To Make Money, then you need to read them now.

Site Number Three – GigBucks

On Gig bucks you can sell your services to make from $5 to $50.

So you can register your account on, set up your gigs and sell your services, and start to make your money. It’s that simple.

Site Number Four – UpWork. is a micro job platform where professional is rewarded. So you sign-up in easy steps.

Step I: Sign up and select membership plan.

Step II: Create your profile

Step III: Set up two payment options

Step IV: Organize and manage communication with your clients.

Individual freelancers and agencies from round the world can work in Upwork. Payment here is both per hour as well as fixed plan, i.e. per project.

Site Number Five – MicroLancer

MicroLancer has a larger pool of professionals than other sites. Many individual professionals as well as agencies put up their service offers here. is a freelancing website from the evarto network. It was previously known as freelance switch. The same professionals that were there are still here at

Other Micro Job Websites:

Other micro job websites are also great though not on the list. They are:

  1. Guru
  2. Zeerk
  3. Micro workers
  4. Minutes workers
  5. Micro FB workers
  6. My Easy Task
  7. Micro Job
  8. Short Task

So, if you are serious about making money online, and you failed all along…then the information on this post will be the best information you ever received. Even if you don’t have a service skill, you can be a contractor in any field you have flair for, and purchase services on these sites for your clients. I will come to this later.

Meanwhile, jump on these sites, any of them that suits you. My recommendation is Go there now and set up an account, set up your gig, and sell to waiting clients who come in their thousands to these sites on hourly bases looking to pay freelancers for services they desperately need.

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