Unique Online Business Idea – How to Make Money Online In Nigeria, Carrying Out Social- Media Management For Clients

This article outlines how you can make an income online managing websites and social media accounts for clients. Before we know where we are going we must ask ourselves…What do these tasks entail? To answer this question, read on.

  1. How Can I Manage Blogs Or Any Website?
  2. Write SEO articles.
  3. Approve comments on, and manage blogs.
  4. Reply to e-mails for clients?
  5. Send and receive e-mails.
  6. Ensure websites are live.
  7. Display articles on time.
  8. Manage writers.
  9. Work as virtual assistants.
  10. What about social media skills.
  11. For the social media platform you will be going on Twitter,
  12. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram
  13. Schedule posts
  14. Look for new posts etc.
  15. Craft meaningful posts etc.

How Can These Skills Be Learned?

To be able to learn these skills you need to get some tutorial as nothing that make money can be mastered without learning?

What Tools Will You Be Using To Find Clients?

Number one is,

  1. Provide quality service for money. (This makes clients refer you to new clients).
  2. Beat deadlines and remain ever friendly.
  3. Do a lot of blog marketing.
  4. Ensure you are found through search engines – SEO.

How Much Should You Charge Clients

All clients of this unique online business idea are not looking for the same service. Some require that you fix a small issue of $20, while others ask for a task that will last all of 3 weeks to fix. If you were in this shoe what would you charge. Your guess is a good as mine- the higher the task demanded, the higher the fee.

Warning You Must Heed

Build a good reputation. This is a must (in social media) as you provide quality service. Don’t over deliver and tire yourself out. This can lead to substandard job or poor service delivery. Try not to accept jobs from sites you know little or nothing about. Be polite to turn such jobs down instead of allowing greed damage your reputation The  whole world will hear about you if that happens.

How Can People Who Need Your Service Know About You?

To drive traffic to your offer, whether on a blog, forum or social media you also need to come on these media online to start your campaign. Your business must as well be advertised online so as to attract clients.

If you really desire such a unique online business idea as told above,to make a difference rendering vital social media and website management service for clients and making thousands of dollars a month in the process, the above is the way to go.

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